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Welcome, Ada Kathleen Williams, August 11, 2014

Rich had to head home to Alaska and the baby still had not arrived.  Bonnie was getting pretty uncomfortable and we were a bit worried on Saturday, the 9th, because David was shooting a wedding late into the night.  If that was not bad enough, the people getting married were related to Bonnie's doctor.  She said it would be terrible if her husband missed the birth, and doubly terrible if her doctor missed it, too!  She napped on and off all afternoon and felt like she was going to go into labor several times.  As the clock ticked by, we breathed sighs of relief each time we were one hour closer to David and the doctor being finished with their duties!  Meanwhile David was at the wedding, worrying that Bonnie was going to go into labor without him there, but luckily, both made it through the night without any major excitement. Sunday we all took a long walk around the neighborhood and then went to David's parents' for tacos.  By this point, Bonnie was just ready to go ahead and deliver!  At 3:15 on Monday morning, Bonnie came into the room I was sharing with Emery, woke me up,  told me that she'd been having contractions and they were going to go to the hospital. She wasn't sure if it was definitely labor or not so she wanted me to stay home with the kids and she'd be in touch.  After several hours, she texted me that they were going to admit her but it was slow going at the time.  We decided that I would wake the kids up around 8:30, get them dressed and fed, and then wait to hear when it was time to come to the hospital. Bonnie did not want them sitting around being too bored or antsy but she wanted them to be there when the baby arrived.  The last thing I heard was that Bonnie was going to try to rest awhile and she would give me some notice about when to come up.  The kids were sweet, we played, did some things around the house, and I packed a bag with snacks, change of clothes, a few toys, etc.  We took the photo above and I sent it to Bonnie and David saying, "Hi, Mommy and Daddy! We are being good at home and can't wait to meet the new baby!"

Eventually it was getting close to lunch time and I hadn't heard anything else so I thought, "Hmmm, I should probably pack the kids a lunch."  I pulled out some bread, peanut butter,  and honey and was in the middle of making sandwiches when I got a text from David: "10!!!!!  Hurry!!!!"  What the heck!! I thought I was going to get some notice!!  I thought, "Should I just leave these sandwich fixings on the counter or finish making them?"  I decided to finish because I knew the kids would get hungry, then it was a total comedy trying to find everyone's shoes, gather up bags, sippy cups, my purse, my camera, kids' stuff, and trying to hurry along a pokey 4 year old and a somewhat defiant 2 year old.  :)

I got Emery and Luke into their car seats and drove part way down their street when I got another text from David asking, "Close??"  Since I am usually quite the rule-follower, plus I am always scared of having an accident while I have grandkids in the car, I was not going to drive and text!  The hospital was not very far away and I swear I was not speeding but at some point Emery said, "Why are we going so fast, Gigi?!"  We pulled up to the front of the hospital, which happily has valet parking, and started unloading. I quickly texted David back: "Here. Waiting for valet!"  We gathered up all of our
stuff and made our way into the hospital, down the hall, into the elevator to the 3rd floor, and when we stepped out, David's mom was waiting for us.  I asked if the baby was born and she said not yet.  She took us to the labor room where Bonnie and David were inside.  Bonnie had told me a few days before, "I DO NOT want anyone standing outside the labor room in the hallway and listening!"  So I was thinking, "Oh, we should just go to the waiting room."  But then the door opened and David came out, followed by a nurse who said, "Oh, good, you're here--we were waiting for you!"  This confused me because I thought I was just going to say a quick hi to Bonnie and go out to wait with the kids.  They told me to come in and eventually I realized that I was going to get to stay for the birth.  The last Bonnie and I had talked, she had said she wasn't sure if she wanted anyone besides David in the room so I was not really expecting to stay.

The doctor and nurses were in their places and Bonnie said she'd told the doctor "My mom is here from Alaska and I've made her stay home with my kids all day--can we wait till she gets here?"  He agreed they'd wait a few minutes for me to arrive. I was so touched and ready to cry right off the bat.  :)  Everyone got ready to get to work and Bonnie began pushing with David on one side and me on the other.  Bonnie did great and it did not take too terribly long before we could see the top of the baby's head with a bunch of black hair on it.  A few more minutes of pushing and out came a sweet little baby GIRL, much to everyone's surprise except mine.  :)  She was beautiful and precious as can be.  7 lbs. 1 oz., 20 inches long.  It was a very emotional experience to witness the birth of my baby granddaughter. The only other birth I have actually witnessed was Aidan's, our oldest grandson.  Because we live so far away and most of the babies have not been born around their due dates, I have arrived anywhere from later the same day to a couple of weeks later.  I was present for Beck's birth but it was by Csection so I was not in the room; Ally, Elle, Emery and Luke I have missed altogether, sadly!
Welcome, sweet girl!
David brought Emery in to meet Ada because he wanted her to announce it was a girl to the rest of the family waiting outside.  He told Emery this was her baby sister and her name was Ada Kathleen.  Emery said, "Oh, man! I wanted to name her!"  Bonnie asked what she would have named her and Emery said, "Zuzu!"  
Sarah, Elle and Beck drove in from Dallas and arrived that afternoon.  Aunt Sarah was happy to see her new baby niece!
Elle was excited to have a new cousin and this made her even more ready to welcome her own little brother or sister in October!

Everyone hanging out in the hospital room
Emery, Elle and Beck

Group shot:  Emery hollered, "Everyone say 'family date night!' "  and they all cracked up.
Such a happy day!  Here are two of my girls with their kiddos.  Wish Susan and her family could have joined us, too!

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