Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jump Street and Lunch in Dallas, then home to Clyde

Sarah and Miles have a swimming pool so the kids were super excited to get to swim the next morning. Unfortunately, it was raining!  So we packed them all up and went to Jump Street to let them burn off some energy.

Then out to lunch before hitting the road to take Aidan and Ally back home to Clyde, Texas.

 Cousin fun

The kids were happy to get home and to see their parents after their two week trip.  We spent the night with them in Clyde but I guess we were too tired to take many photos!  I did get these few of the books we had on the trip because I planned to make them a photo album of memories for them afterwards.

 Fun ghost stories we read each night
Travel journals--I hope they will keep these and remember all the good times we had!

Next up, we had to drive back to Dallas, return our rental car and catch a flight to Amarillo where Bonnie and David were anticipating the arrival of baby #3 any day!

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