Sunday, September 2, 2012

30 Days of Lists Day 2: Goals for the Month

Hmmm. I am the worst goal-setter ever.  I never really got into that writing-things-down-and-making-them-happen scene.  But here are the things I will be doing this month:

*Working out 3 days a week (which I've been trying to do for awhile but not always succeeding!)
*Organizing our photos into folders on the computer (and making sure everything is backed up)
*Sending a card or note to someone every day
*Finishing our Australian vacation plans
*Cleaning and organizing our extra bedroom
*Performing random acts of kindness

What about you?

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Suzassippi said...

Great list! I made a list earlier, but what could I actually accomplish in the next 30 days?
1. Finish the manuscript on the clinical framework, and
2. Get the plumber out to move the sewer line and put in the new toilet, tile the floor, shower, and paint the walls...please tell me I can do that in 30 has only been 4 years since we started...