Saturday, September 15, 2012

More 30 Days of Lists

List #10   I am at my best when

*I am rested
*I am doing something worthwhile
*I let go of my worries
*I see the big picture

List #11 Favorite scents and smells

*Baking bread
*The ocean breeze
*A sweet little baby right after a bath
*Patchouli (reminds me of my young hippie girl days)
*Walking into a deli on the East coast
*The musty smell of an old book store

List #12  Fictional places I'd like to live

Hmmm, as a non-fiction reader, this is difficult for me! I have no idea.  Really, our dream is to travel around and live lots of places for six months or a year at a time.  Can't wait!

List #13  Dinner Party  Guests  (living or dead)

I love this one! I would have the biggest dinner party imaginable and invite all of my family and friends, along with

 *Jane Addams

 *Maya Angelou
 *Aung San Suu Kyi
 *Cesar Chavez
*Noam Chomsky
 *The Dalai Lama
*Dorothy Day
 *Molly Ivins
  *Anne Lamott
*John Lennon

*Malcolm X
*Mary Magdalene
*Edward Norton
*Rosa Parks
 *Ann Richards
*Oscar Romero

*Bruce Springsteen
 *Lucius Walker
 *Neil Young

I'm sure I could think of 20 more if I took the time.  What fun!

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