Monday, September 3, 2012

Thanks to the workers of the world

Let's not forget that the many protections and benefits we take for granted were hard-fought and won by everyday people in the workplace, organizing to make a better life for all of us.  With all the rhetoric these days, you'd think our gratitude should be going to rich white businessmen instead. Give me a community organizer any day!

Ajax seems quite content to be back home.  We kept him inside for a couple of days but have let him go out a little bit lately and he hasn't ventured too far.  I still wish I knew what he'd been up to!

We're still getting tomatoes!  Crazy, huh?

I hope everyone's had a good Labor Day weekend.  Rich mostly worked and I mostly did stuff around the house--nothing too exciting happening here.  I swear, it feels like fall is in the air.  I'm not ready!

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