Friday, September 14, 2012

30 Days of .... Procrastination?

Okay, I was all gung-ho about this Thirty Days of Lists thing and got behind right off the bat. I had a few computer issues, then seemed really busy and kept putting it off. So here I am, several days down.  I realized that some people are only posting their lists once a week, anyway, so maybe I will pretend that was my plan all along. 

List #6  Reasons to quit....

LOL  Well, reasons to quit procrastinating seems appropriate!
*I would get more done.
*I would not stress about things that were not done.
*I would feel more productive.
*I might actually get proficient at something.
*I might have more free time if I were not always trying to catch up on one thing or another.
I have quite a few funny procrastination stories but the one that probably takes the cake and still gets brought up in conversation is the time that Suzassippi and I were slated to give a presentation at a conference in New York City and were putting it together on the plane.  It went fine, in case you are wondering.

List #7  Midnight snacks

This one is easy!  We don't really snack at midnight but we have been known to snack pretty late when we are not on one of our healthy binges.  My all time favorites:
*Rich's buttery, cheesy, gourmet flavored popcorn
*Ben and Jerry's Karmel Sutra ice cream
*Not so much at home,  but always at my Mom's: chocolate ice cream and pretzels
*Any kind of pie
*M & M's (peanut, please)
*Toast and jam

List #8  Out my front door

*Flowers in planters
*Ground squirrels standing on their back legs
*Our cats running around
*Eagles flying by or hanging out in our yard
*Harbor View Bar and Grill with a line of taxis outside waiting for customers
*Hikers ascending Bunker Hill

List #9 Today you can find me...
This was Sunday's list so on Sunday I was

*On the phone with my mom and my girls
*Reading a book
*Folding laundry
*Watering tomatoes
*Planning two trips
*Making friends with people who will be on our cruise
*Writing notes in birthday cards
*Running by work to take care of a few tasks
*Relaxing with my hubs


Sweet P said...

Hey, you inspired me to join the 30 Days of Lists. I only started four days ago, but I'm having fun. I made myself a book to write my lists in. I haven't decided if I'm going to share any of my lists or not.

Gigi said...

Oh, that's great Sweet P! I think it's fun, but, as you can see, I haven't kept up very well! Have you looked on the Flickr feed to see others' postings? I am not crafty at all so chose not to create a real book. Plus, if I am this far behind just blogging it, can you imagine?! LOL