Saturday, September 15, 2012

Whale Watching

Last night, my friend Melanie posted on Facebook that they'd gone out on their boat and had seen lots and lots of whales up close.  I commented, "I want to be invited!"  Nothing like inviting yourself, huh?  She called today to say we could go out with them this evening if the wind didn't get up too much. 

 We layered up and headed out in the rain.

  Her husband Troy gave us a great ride and lots of whale sightings

 Rich looking for photo ops

There were so many whales, all close by. Some of them seemed very curious and kept coming toward the boat.  Very cool!

It was really grey out there after awhile. We got home and it looked like the second half of our photos were in black and white!

This one kept breaching over and over.  We counted 9 times!  It seemed to be having lots of fun.

Our "after" photo--I'm a little bit wet and bedraggled, but had a blast! Thanks, Mel and Troy!

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Suzassippi said...

Well, that was an exciting way to begin my morning!