Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Lists

List # 14  I know I am getting older when...

*Disclaimer--I don't think you should smoke.  I just thought this was kinda funny.   :)

*I can't sleep at night
*My eyes get tired when reading
*My hair is thinning even more (UGH! I hate this one!)
*I keep thinking about retirement and how much fun it will be
*I have six wonderful grandchildren!

List #15   I know I am young at heart when...

*I'm still a rock 'n roll gal
*I can run and play with the grandkids
*I still believe everything I believed in the '60s
*I like young people and don't talk trash about them or their habits...well, most of the time
*I am idealistic

List #16  Things I'd like to learn

The first two I have started and just need to make myself PRACTICE
*Tai Chi
*Another language
*How to be a better writer
*How to create a better blog design


List #17  Excuses

*I have too much going on
*It's just not my thing
*It's too cold/rainy/windy outside
*I don't want to spend the money

List #18  Favorite Names

My three girls have three of my favorite names: Sarah, Bonnie and Susan.  :) My other favorites have changed over the years but since I am past childbearing age, I don't think it really matters any more.  What are yours?

List #19  Events I'd like to attend

*Presidential inauguration (but only if my guy wins!)
*An international peace conference
*My favorite bands in concert one more time (okay, at least one more time!)
*My grandkids' high school and college graduations, and their weddings (assuming they want to get married!)

List #20   Fictional Friends

*See previous post about fictional places to live.  I have the best real friends in the world--don't need any fictional ones.  Skip!


Suzassippi said...

Jesse. I love the name Jesse.

Gigi said...

And Librada!