Monday, September 3, 2012

30 Days of Lists Day 3: My friends/family would describe me as

Oh, I can see that I am going to have trouble with some of these prompts!  I wanted to take a poll of some of my family members and friends to see what they would tell me, but I decided to go for it without any consultation.  It's so hard to see oneself as others see you.  You can correct me if I am way off base!

I think my family and friends would describe me as:

*loving and caring
*kinda bossy  :)
*a bit of a worrier
*fun and funny (Please say I am funny! I want to be funny!)
*an over-explainer
*a procrastinator
*curious (better known as "nosy")
*an idealist mixed with a cynic
*still a rock 'n roll gal
*someone who tries to see the positive and doesn't dwell on the negative

I'm a Gemini--these crack me up:

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Suzassippi said... I find myself looking for examples to illustrate the want that list? LOL

This is way more fun to read yours than do mine.