Friday, September 28, 2012

Greetings from South Jersey!

Just a note to say I left Unalaska on Tuesday evening, the 25th, flew to Anchorage, then to Seattle, where I expected to sleep in the Alaska Air terminal till my next flight at 8:30 AM.  My friend Tammy is in Seattle at the moment and asked me what time I would be in. I told her 2 AM, expecting her to say "Okay, I will see you when we are both back at home!"  But here's a real friend for ya--she said she'd pick me up when I arrived and we could hang out for awhile.  Man, I am not sure that I would get up or stay up till that hour of the morning to go see a friend (I'd like to think I might...depending on who it was. LOL).  Sure enough, she was waiting for me.  We went to Denny's and had some breakfast while catching up on lots of discussion.  The waiter was very entertaining, the breakfast was great, and we stayed and talked for several hours.  She took me back to the airport around 6 AM and I was soon on my way to Philly.

The flight out of Anchorage was on a "combi," one of Alaska Air's planes that carry cargo in the front and passengers in the back.  I've been on one a couple of times before but it always feels sorta weird.  We had a smooth take off out of Unalaska, despite the rain and fog that developed right before I left.  I was worried but needn't have been.  All was well till we approached Anchorage and then we were battered about quite a bit.  Leaving Anchorage was more of the same, though it didn't seem as scary on a big plane. :)

Arrived in Philadelphia at 4:45 PM, where Mom and my sister in law Patty picked me up.  I had to have a hoagie for dinner, of course. :)  We didn't do much the first night since I was pretty jet lagged but I was happy to be here with family, where it's still pretty warm and everything is still mostly green.

Thursday Mom and I went out running around.  I had some things to drop off at the dry cleaner--yes, it is strange to think that I have to carry dry cleaning out of state, but we don't have anything in Unalaska.  Also went to an arts and crafts store so I could get some stuff to make books for my students' autobiographies, and I bought some yarn along with a knitting book on scarves and hats so Mom could help me figure out why my knitting is so terrible.  We had a healthy lunch at Panera Bread and later went to the grocery store.  We worked on knitting and I realized what I was doing wrong, hurray.  After ripping out my scarf project four or five times, I am finally on the right track, I think!  Whew!

I still seem to be on Alaska time and couldn't fall asleep till 4 this morning.  Ugh.  After puttering around the house most of the morning, we went to Triple A to get a "trip tik" for our journey to Milton, NY next week and made a Target run.  We took a walk to the deli in "downtown" Laurel Springs and I got another hoagie.   Yes, my dieting and exercising at home may be going all to hell on this trip.  At least we walked to the deli, right?!

Tonight we went to watch my niece Alex play softball and met up with my sister in law Patty and the rest of her kids, Abby, Becca and Billy. It was fun to watch the game; Alex made some good plays and their team won--they are undefeated!  It was great to see my other nieces and nephew, too.  I have photos but will probably not get them posted till tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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Suzassippi said...

Oh, wow, I had no idea you were there already! Give my love to your mom and hugs to all the nieces. I was thinking about NYC tonight and longing for another trip with folks I love.