Saturday, September 1, 2012

Look who's back!

Remember awhile back when I said that our cat Ajax had been gone for over a week?  I haven't said much more about it because we've been so sad,  but he'd been missing for all this time. We had just about given up hope and decided that either something bad had happened to him or maybe someone found him and kept him. 

Two nights ago, we were going to sleep and our other cat, Kali, started hissing at the window in the bedroom.  I thought maybe a fox was looking in, as they will sometimes do.  Rich got up and turned on the light. The next thing I knew, he was saying, "It's AJAX!"  I was really confused at first and had this brief thought that it was kinda mean of him to joke around like that.  :)  He walked over to open the other bedroom window,  which doesn't have a screen,  and Ajax jumped into the room as he's done a thousand times before.  We couldn't believe it!  It was just like no time had passed and he was coming in for the night.  We have NO idea where he'd been for 34 DAYS! I wish he'd had a kitty cam on his head so we could have seen what he's been up to.  He is a little skinnier,  but very clean and not scratched up or injured in any way.

We couldn't be happier to have our boy back home.  Poor Kali, though. She has always been a loner and never really bonded with Ajax.  While he's been gone, she has become a bit friendlier toward us and we think she'd decided she was now Queen of the Hill.  She is quite put out that Ajax has returned and continues to hiss at him and act very annoyed.

Ajax hasn't cried to go outside very much since he got back.  Maybe he's realized it's nicer to stay inside where it's warm and he has food, water, and people who spoil him.  But, seriously, wouldn't you have liked to have followed him around for 34 days and see what he was doing?  I hate it that I will never know!


Anonymous said...

Love that your kitty came home. Yes it would be wonderful to see where he as been. We too have a kitty that tolerates the other one. Having lost a few kittys out here in the country, I feel your pain and your elation at him coming home. Love the posts, whales, how neat, and the plane flight. Love it all. Life is good. Mona

Gigi said...

Thanks, Mona! Good to hear from you! Hope all's well out there in the country.

Suzassippi said...

It's good to have something miraculous happen every now and then. Ajax, next time, phone home.