Sunday, August 17, 2008


Vacation time is about to arrive, hurray! We've had a busy week at work and I ended up spending most of today at my office to try to get everything caught up before we go. The weather has been decent and I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about planes flying on Monday. I've just about finished packing and made my list of those 'must-have' items for the trip, like passports and battery chargers and ipods. We carry way too many electronics with us but can't seem to do without them! Rich also worked today and picked up a new cook at the airport this evening and went to the gym while I was still at my office. He was going to pack today, but no, that will wait till the last minute as always. LOL

Watched some of the about that Michael Phelps and the US Swim Team?! Wow, what an impressive record!

The head of the AK Democratic party called tonight to let me know that Rich will have a ticket to the last night of the Convention at Invesco Field. We have been waiting to hear if we got any extra passes or not, so very happy to hear that he will get to attend. I will be calling in to our little local radio station giving reports from the Convention--how much fun is that?!


Susan said...

I think that is awesome that you will be reporting in to your local station. It's always more fun to be a big frog in a little pond, than a little frog in a big pond. LOL

Betty said...

Sounds like big time fun! Don't forget to check on Masggie's niece from the NJ area.