Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention, Day One

Wow, what an exciting day! We started out with a 7 AM breakfast meeting to get our credentials and figure out logistics. We had a couple of speakers, an organizer for the AFL-CIO and an Obama staffer on energy issues. Then off to the "big tent" to hear a panel on environmental issues, which was very interesting and informative. This was the blogger tent as well so we saw people from The Daily Kos, the Huffington Report, and so on. Ariana Huffington also had a "spa" room where we got to do 20 minutes of yoga. :) From there, we grabbed some lunch and then walked over to the Pepsi Center where the convention is being held. Security was tight and we had to flash our badges to get into the parking lot, then through a metal detector, but the line moved quickly and we had no issues. Continuing through the parking lot, we saw John King from CNN so I took a couple of pictures of him talking to some people. Mike Davis, another delegate from my district, told me, "just walk near him and I will take your picture." So that's the other photo. LOL We then entered the building and I ran into Biff, the stage manager from the Letterman show. He let me take his photo but the sun was glaring through the windows so it didn't turn out too well. I was pumped to discover that alternates were allowed to cruise around on the floor till 3 PM so I hung out with my delegation for a little while and wandered around watching several other news celebrities, including Wolf Blitzer (CNN) and some dudes from Fox News (poor Alaska is sitting right next to Fox News!); also saw Katie Couric later in the night when I traded out a floor pass with another delegate for a little bit. I heard that Rob Riggle and John Oliver from The Daily Show were around but never saw them, darn. I really wanted to see The Daily Show's take on the Convention but our hotel does not have Comedy Central! OH NO!

The alternates were relegated to the third level but we actually had a good view and I didn't mind being up there too much. We had speeches from Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, a parade of congresspeople to start the Convention off. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter made an appearance after a video President Carter did about New Orleans. Barack's sister was very compelling, as was Michelle's brother. Caroline Kennedy spoke, and it seemed so weird to me to see her when I remember her as a little girl when I was one myself. :) One of the highlights of the night was Teddy Kennedy's stirring speech and the fact that he was even there after his recent medical issues. You could definitely feel the love in the room for the Kennedys and their legacy. Michelle Obama was amazing! I have so much admiration for her, even more so after hearing her story and the passion that she has for making a difference in the world. I think she would be a great First Lady. I don't think her critics know what they are talking about. As one commentator noted later tonight, the Obamas have done everything that every conservative white American would want...hard work, education, marriage, parenting, giving back to the community.

I didn't get back to the hotel till 10 PM so it has been a long day. I will just say that it has been totally exciting and fun to be in the big middle of this historic event. The place was packed and I got to meet people from all over the US. All of the Alaskan delegation are wearing our matching "kuspuks" with an outline of the state of Alaska on the back. Everyone is very interested and "jealous" (they say) of our outfits. LOL The only thing I missed was the protesters people....and I didn't even get to see them. I may have to turn in my badge and join them one day. :)

Rich, meanwhile, had a quiet day on his own. He did join me for breakfast and met some of my fellow delegates. He has been good and went to the gym, then walked to Whole Foods and bought himself some healthy items for lunch and to keep in the room. He watched some of the Convention on TV but didn't get to see me. haha

Nighty night from Denver.


Jim said...

Hey Jane,

Wear a "Deadliest Catch" T-shirt so you can get some airtime or better yet an interview !

I will be looking for you.


Gigi said...

Good idea but I don't own one. :) I forgot they were into the superficial. LOL

Susan said...

Wow, what an adventure! Thanks for all the great commentary and photos.

Sarah Durham said...

What an amazing day!

Kristinn said...

SO COOL!!! Why am I most impressed with the fact that you met Biff?! ;) Tim and I watched last night, scouring the screen for you. Didn't see you, but Mom swears she did! Wear a loud color so we can spot you! :)

Kathi said...

I DID see you, Jane! It was so weird because I was listening to Michelle Obama's speech (WOW!) and had given up looking for you. I was checking e-mail, and I turned back to the TV and there you were for just a second. You were looking toward the camera and then turned your head- I had the feeling that you were looking at a monitor off to the side, but couldn't really tell. I'm so jealous. :) Kathi

Rider said...

How come Kathi was the ONLY one who saw you?, She is smoking pot again. I did see Teddy K, he looked good. I'm still voting for Ben Stein :)

Betty said...

Wow! I'm so envious! Everyone made all the comments...boohoo! We're keeping tabs on you! Have fun! Like your jacket!

Gigi said...

I was excited to see Biff, too! I will see if I can lighten up the photo and post it for you. :) (Tomorrow since my card reader is not working)