Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bye, bye, Kyle and Emily......or not....!

Kyle and Emily are all packed up and ready to move to Juneau for their next adventure. We had a nice dinner together last night and made arrangements to take them to the airport at 11 this morning. Woke to another foggy, overcast day. Found out that the earlier planes had already been canceled and they were on weather hold. Had some Sunday brunch at the hotel, they took the car and went to the airport to check in and see what was happening. Soon returned with word that their plane is canceled as well (has not even left Anchorage) and they will rotate to standby. Perhaps Pen Air will send in some extra planes tomorrow since so many people are waiting. A little anti-climatic, but hopefully they will be on their way tomorrow. We have really enjoyed having them here and will miss them lots. Coincidentally, we will have a day in Juneau on our cruise in September so will get to see them soon!

Of course, this adds to my worries about our trip on the 18th! Send out all of your positive vibes, please!

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