Monday, August 18, 2008

Hanging out in the Alaska Airlines Board Room

So far, so good! It was a little foggy this morning and I was a little worried but we only left one hour late. :) Made it to Anchorage with no trouble, arriving at 2:30 PM. Since our next flight is not till half past midnight, we wanted to go into town for awhile but did not want to pay $25 for a taxi. We stored our carry-ons and asked where and when to catch the bus. Unfortunately, we missed it by a minute or two and would have had to wait another hour so we sucked it up and took a cab. Turns out our driver was from North Jersey and talked the whole way to the Dimond Center (that's the correct spelling, I promise), veering into the inappropriate lane with a story about getting together with an old high school girlfriend (too much information, believe me). We decided to take in a matinee since we rarely get to see movies in a theater, but the selection was not overly impressive. We decided on "Wanted" with Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. I'm sorry, but assassin-as-hero does not exactly grab me. Way too violent, silly plot, nonsensical for the most part (not to spoil it for anyone who is excited about it). I kept wondering why Angelina wants to do these violent movies when she is supposed to be some kind of ambassador for peace. But we did kill (or "assassinate" as Rich corrected me) a couple of hours of wait-time. Rich also purchased some much needed tennis shoes, and since the store had the second pair of shoes for 1/2 price, he got some dressier ones for the fancy night on the cruise. Grumbling all the while, I might add. :) We thought about getting haircuts at the mall but the line was too long and we were determined to find the bus and take it back to the airport so could not dilly-dally. Following misleading directions from the clerk at the shoe store, we walked most of the way around the perimeter of the mall till we came upon the transit center just as the bus was pulling in. Hurray! For $1.75 each, we had a leisurely ride around town and got dropped off right in front of the terminal. Who wants to pay $25 for a taxi, especially when the bus driver is forbidden from talking with the passengers while the bus is moving! LOL We had used some of our Alaska Air miles to purchase first-class upgrades for the Anchorage to Seattle and Seattle to Denver flights and along with those, we get to come into the Alaska Airlines Board Room for our wait. We are having some snacks and watching the Olympics in some comfy chairs, along with free wireless internet. Sweet! We board around midnight for the rest of our journey, meeting up with Sarah, Miles and Elle in Denver tomorrow. Can't wait to see them!

No photos yet but stay tuned!

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Susan said...

Yeah! You made it. I hoped that not hearing any bad news meant good news! I trust by now you are having a great visit with kids and Elle and off for another grand adventure.