Thursday, August 21, 2008

We say goodbye to the kids and travel on to Breckenridge

This was our last day with Sarah, Miles and Elle. :( After breakfast at The Egg and I, where all of the staff thought Elle was the cutest baby they'd ever seen, and loved her "maryjane" socks more than anything, we began the drive back to the Denver airport to see them off to Dallas. It was sad to see them go, but we are thinking of this as a bonus visit since we were not expecting to see each other till Christmas. We love you, we had a wonderful time with you, and hopefully you are safely back home by now!

After we dropped the kids off, we drove on to Breckenridge for the rest of today and tonight. We are touring around Colorado a bit until we have to be back in Denver for the Convention. This is a great area and we are thinking it might be a good place to move once we leave Dutch Harbor, though that will not be for awhile and there are other places we like just as much, so who really knows at this point?! LOL We enjoyed the drive and the scenery and checked into the Great Divide Lodge this afternoon, then walked downtown to do some shopping and sightseeing before our dinner reservation at Cafe Alpine. I am totally loving the nice, warm weather and walking around in the sunshine! We had a fabulous tapas dinner including beef tenderloin with watermelon serrano salsa and lobster potato salad (pictured), baked goat cheese with summer fruit, vine ripened heirloom tomato soup with chickpea dumplings and olive tapenade, crispy monkfish with black risotto, and then we just couldn't resist the chocolate peanut enchilada with cinnamon ice cream and tuaca cream for dessert, so it's up and off to the gym in the morning!

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