Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We meet up with Sarah, Miles and Elle and head for Estes Park

LOVED our first class seats from Anchorage to Seattle and Seattle to Denver! So nice to have that extra room and we were able to get some sleep as we flew all night long. Even had a free breakfast on the last leg. :) We were so happy to see the kids in Denver! Elle has really grown and is quite the busy little girl, very vocal, smiles and laughs and makes funny noises for us, sits by herself, rolls all over the floor, plays with her toys. Today is Miles' 30th happy, happy birthday! He and Sarah are doing great and definitely relishing their role as parents. We picked up our rental car and stopped in Boulder for lunch; we love Boulder--seems like it would be a very cool place to live, though a little too expensive for us. We enjoyed the drive to Estes Park and checked into the historic Stanley Hotel for the next couple of days. It is somehow connected with the movie "The Shining," though we haven't figured out exactly what the connection is. Some pieces were filmed here or some parts were fashioned after this hotel or something. Whatever the reason, the movie is shown on a continuous loop on Channel 42. LOL We are about to go out to dinner for Miles' birthday so will add some photos later.

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Susan said...

Glad you are there and met up okay with the kids. I have been anxiously awaiting news all day! LOL Not much going on in Mississippi other than we are having cool weather which is nice for this time of year. Go get those Democrats reeled in for the convention girl. I say Paint the White House Black and Brown, so you know who I want for VP, even if it is going to be JB--and that does not mean Jane Bye. :)