Friday, August 29, 2008

Vancouver, and I am finally going to sleep late tomorrow morning!

Although we left Denver early, our Portland to Vancouver flight was rescheduled for later in the day than originally planned. Go figure. So we arrived early, only to have a longer layover. :) The flight was fine, other than one huge bump coming down into the clouds before landing. Everyone screamed and one of the flight attendants got beer spilled in her hair, bless her heart.

Rich pricelined a hotel for us and much to our surprise, we got a great room for a great price at the Hyatt Regency right downtown! Not only is it a big corner room, it has a nice balcony as well. We are feeling rather smug at the moment. LOL I am definitely looking forward to taking it easy this weekend.

We just got back to the room after a very nice meal at Aqua Riva, right down by the waterfront where our cruise ship will be on Monday. Rich made me try a raw oyster on the half shell with apple lime jelly, ginger tobiko caviar and fresh mint. I can't say I was too crazy about it. :) I will post some photos tomorrow, and Rich still needs to put up a bunch of pix he took in Denver.

So, anyway, back to the Convention. We had a couple of cool things happen: two of our delegation got selected to go up front and sit right at the stage, and another of our delegates was on a panel at The Daily Show! She's an attorney and went to law school with Barack. Of course, our hotel did not have Comedy Central so we have not seen it. I am hoping I can find it online and watch. Last night, John Oliver from The Daily Show was right behind us in the NC delegation. They were chanting "Obama, Obama" and he started saying "Osama? Osama?" I was hoping he would stop at Alaska's spot next but he just kept going.

Everyone seemed very excited and pumped about Obama's speech. Personally, I thought he really addressed the concerns that have been circulated about him. I had to laugh later when we were watching the talking heads at Fox and they were saying "it sounds like he just wants the government to take care of everything and how will we pay for it?" But, of course, they don't mind that we are bankrupting everything by paying for this misguided war that their boy and his cronies got us into. I don't get it! They don't care about children's programs or education or medical care but they sure don't mind spending billions killing people and getting their own people killed. But that's just me. :)

I just love the idea of moving forward out of hope and not letting our lives be ruled by fear. Of course the power elite want us to be scared so they can continue to be in control. Maybe it's time for something different.

Leaving the stadium was even harder than getting in, lots of long lines that were not moving very quickly, if at all, but everyone was in great spirits and I didn't notice any problems at all. We had to take a winding, crowded path to the Light Rail station and then wait awhile before crowding onto the train and making the long trip back to the hotel. We were exhausted but it was SO worth it! I wish you could have all been there! What an exciting, historic experience!

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