Friday, August 8, 2008

Volcanoes and earthquakes and ashfall, oh my!

The Kasatochi Volcano, further down the chain near the island of Atka (which I visit for work periodically) erupted yesterday. I found this little video on the internet if you want to take a look (click below). We also had a minor earthquake the other night; I was sitting at the computer and everything in the kitchen began to rattle and shake for just a couple of seconds. This area has many tiny earthquakes all the time, most of which we don't even notice. But it's been pretty weird lately with all of the volcanoes blasting off and the ground rumbling, too. Only increases my worry about getting out of here on the 18th!

GOES Satellite Images of the Eruption

A loop of these images (provided by David Schneider, AVO), taken from NOAA’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES), shows three distinct eruptions happening one after the other from August 7th 2300 UTC to August 8th 0530 UTC. The volcanic clouds are shown drifting to the southwest of the volcano. Earlier this summer, these same satellites detected an eruption from Alaska’s Okmok Volcano.

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Sarah Durham said...

I am getting VERY paranoid that you guys are not going to get out in time to see us! I booked our room for Sunday in Fort Collins. We are going to stay at our friends house on Monday.