Sunday, August 24, 2008

Strolling Manitou Springs, visiting the Garden of the Gods and back to Denver

This morning, we walked the streets of Manitou Springs and did a little shopping before driving up to the Garden of the Gods. This is a 1300-acre giant rock garden of gorgeous red sandstone formations. Rich and his sister Vesta were here during the summer of 1971, when they took a freaky climb up one of the giant rocks. After driving through the park today, he wasn't exactly sure which one it might have been. :) Funny how things change so much and memories become inaccurate with the passage of time. But no, we are NOT getting old. LOL

We stopped for a nice lunch at a Thai place in Colorado Springs and then on to Denver. The Sheraton Four Points is buzzing with delegates from Alaska and several other states. We had to get special security passes to get in and out of the hotel and had to put a huge parking pass in the rental car so it would not be towed off. The hotel is quite a distance from the Pepsi Center, where the Convention will be held so I will be riding the Light Rail every day. We start with a 7 AM breakfast meeting tomorrow and then will be in meetings and events all week. I am excited to get started and see what the whole Convention experience will be like!


Betty said...

Me too! I talked to my old boss who is a big-time Democrat and she went to the convention last time. She loved it and said that you would too. Saw some interviews outside the Pepsi center - a lot of Hilary protestors were there and getting in their little digs. By the way, did you visit Shavers in Colo. Springs?

Betty said...

Donna Fletcher called me today and said to tell you hello. She said I should call her if I see you on TV! You are a celebrity!

Gigi said...

Nope, didn't try to see Shavers, hope they are not reading this blog. :)

I doubt I will be on TV as I am way up on the 3rd level, unless they catch me when I am down on the floor for my turn with the delegation.