Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clinic Day

We went to Clinic well prepared to stay for hours and hours if transfusions were needed again. Guess what! Labs were fine and we were in and out faster than ever before. It's normal for labs to be good this early after chemo but last time Emery was a little bit sick and needed transfusions right away. We were happy that was not the case after this last chemo treatment.

Bonnie and Dr. Thompson. We were laughing about how hard he presses on Emery's tummy, when we are afraid to push down too much. He said he loves pressing on squishy baby bellies.

We wonder how Dr. Thompson ever manages to get through the day if he gives all of his patients as much time and attention as he gives Emery. He is so nice to answer every question and discuss anything and everything.

This is one of the waiting areas in the Oncology Clinic. I wanted to get some photos of the places we write about but also have to be careful of other people's privacy. This is the Infusion Center, where there are several different rooms where people wait for appointments or actually sit and receive IVs or other treatment. The #16 jersey on the wall belongs to Craig Waibel, the soccer player we met.

This is the entrance to the Infusion Center.
So we had an easy Clinic Day today--left the house at 10:30 and got back home around 4 after a quick stop at the Post Office. Yes, that is an easy day. The rough ones are the ones that start at the same time and end at 1 AM.
Bonnie felt like having French toast for dinner so we had a nice little breakfast tonight. Lauren and Dan came home and talked us into going out to a Mexican restaurant with them where we just ate chips and had a drink while they had their supper. Then we had to try the flan and the tres leches cake.
Tomorrow the home health nurse comes to change Emery's dressing and Friday she has her OT appointment back at the hospital. She does not have to go to Clinic again till Monday. Dr. Thompson is very happy with her progress and says she is "perfect." We agree!


Betty said...

Always good to have an easy day. Doctor Thompson sounds very special.

Suzassippi said...

I think if your doctor were not the kind of physician who would spend as much time caring for his patient's parents and their well-being as he did in checking on the progress of the child, he would have chosen to be a surgeon instead of a pediatric oncologist. He sounds like someone who understands healing is more than the physical treatment.