Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday round up

David got in on Thursday night and brought some presents for Emery from Bonnie's hairdresser in Amarillo, including this cute headband with a big bow on it. Precious!

Cute girl is filling out a little bit, huh?

Friday morning we went to the hospital for Emery's outpatient Occupational Therapy evaluation. She is doing well overall and the OT just wants us to continue to do the things that the inpatient OT showed us--stretching and flexibility exercises on Emery's left arm and hand, range of motion, and motor skills like getting on her tummy, holding her head up, turning her head to both sides, reaching for toys and grasping with both hands, turning over, etc.

She recommended that Emery come in for therapy on Clinic days but we have to wait for a schedule to get set up so that could take another week. Meanwhile, we are seeing lots of improvement in Emery's skills already. She is trying to turn over and can hold her head up a lot longer than she could even a week ago. She is also using her left arm and hand more. Go, Emery!

David and Dan are proving what handymen they are. They've installed a new toilet in one of the bathrooms and are quite proud of their work!

You can do it, guys, you can do it!!

Here's Emery trying out a sling. She liked it and went to sleep. Nice! There's not a whole lot more to report today. Earlier in the week Emery had a couple of days of seeming like she didn't feel very well--it's hard to know if that's from the chemo itself, from the injections she has to have every day, or something else. Yesterday we were glad to see her back to her happy self. She did not have to see the doctor on Friday but we return to the Clinic on Monday and will see if she needs transfusions at that point. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Suzassippi said...

I can see how much she is growing and filling out--great news on the progress also. I have to say, I am not a fan of the headband/bow, but what a sweet thing to do. :) I have never cared much for those little headbands/bows, but maybe that was because I had a boy--he just wore caps. LOL Love the sling picture, btw.

Gigi said...

I wasn't a headband/bow kind of mom, either, but I have to say I have kinda changed my mind and think they are pretty cute. :) I also like the little crocheted hats they have for babies these days.

Betty said...

I never was a hairband/bows either but she sure looks cute.

Kathi said...

Yeah, Mom- wasn't it you who taped bows onto my hairless head?? :) Emery is adorable- bow or no bow- that's for sure!