Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MRI and Naps

Today was another early one. Bonnie and I both slept through our alarms but managed to get up and ready and over to the hospital before 6 AM anyway. Emery was finally taken in for her MRI about 7:30. She is just the sweetest baby and was not fussy at all during the wait, even though she had not had anything to eat since 1 in the morning. She was full of smiles and just sucked like crazy on that paci while looking around the room or dozing off and on. She had to have anesthesia for the procedure, which is always a little bit of a concern, but she did just fine.

We got back to Becky's house close to 11 and had a late breakfast (after tea and pastries from Starbucks earlier!) Bonnie, Emery and I then crashed for a couple of hours. We had good intentions of getting out into the sunshine later but never made it. After dinner, we watched some of the Olympics and headed back to bed. We need to catch up on our rest!

Emery has been happy and alert and doesn't seem to have any ill effects from the anesthesia or anything else. Her nose is a little stuffy but that's been going on for several days. Otherwise, all is well.

I know everyone is waiting to hear the results of the CT and the MRI but Dr. Thompson told us that he really wants to meet with the whole team of doctors tomorrow afternoon before he can tell us what the updated plan will be. They will discuss the results and decide on the next course of action. Once we are fully informed by the team, we will happy to share the news and update you on the latest. As always, thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers for Emery and I will try to post all the results soon after we hear from the docs tomorrow afternoon.

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Kathi said...

What a trooper! I know I wouldn't be a happy camper if I didn't get to eat- it seems as if Emery knows what's going on and is making the best of it. Am anxious to hear what the doctors say, so I'm sure you all are. Love to all!