Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nice, quiet weekend....Well, except for the part about being in the hospital and having chemo. :)

Emery did well with her first night of chemo on Friday and Saturday was relatively uneventful. We held Emery and played with her, watched some Olympics and had a Seinfeld dvd marathon. Two Occupational Therapists came in and worked with Emery on using her left arm and hand, holding up her head, working on her trunk muscles and the dreaded "tummy time," which she is not thrilled about. They were very helpful and gave Bonnie and David instruction sheets for range of motion exercises and developmental activities. We also discussed having Emery come in for some outpatient OT when she comes for her Clinic appointments.

Here's Bonnie working with Emery on using her left hand.

You can tell we've been at the hospital a few times now because we came in with everything we could think of possibly needing! Emery loves her "nap nanny," so we hauled it along and we are glad we did. She can lounge in it and watch her crib toys or see what's going on in the room, rather than lying flat on her back. She also sleeps in it and seems to be very comfortable. We brought her play gym, too, so she doesn't get too bored. :) She's been very happy and pleasant and does not seem to be suffering any ill effects of the chemo. She'll have an occasional fussy period but it doesn't last long and most of the time she is smiling and in a good mood. What a sweet girl!
I left early last night since David was here and everything seemed to be going fine. Becky, Sean and I went to an Ang Lee film festival at Rice University, where we watched one of his earlier films called "The Wedding Banquet." It was partially in English but subtitled (he's from Taiwan). We enjoyed it as well as the panel discussion afterwards. Then we had to stop at a place called The Dessert Gallery for some lovely cupcakes (Becky and me) and key lime cheesecake (Sean). Just the right finish for the night. :)
Emery handled chemo well again last night and slept for several hours, allowing Mommy and Daddy to get some rest, too. This morning, Sean brought me to the hospital and picked David up to take him to the airport. David will be back in Amarillo for most of the week and we are anticipating being discharged from the hospital around 8 PM tonight if all goes well with the last dose of chemo.
The OT has been in again and Bonnie and I also worked with Emery a little while ago. She held her head up really well while on her tummy today! We were very excited! Otherwise, we are just hanging out in the room and letting the day pass us by.


Suzassippi said...

Sweet baby, cannot believe how much she had grown! Glad all went well for this go round. Film festival sounds fun--I remember when I used to have friends to do things like that!

Gigi said...

Yeah, one more dose tonight and then we are outta here for awhile. Back to Katy, that is. I know, I love stuff like film fest, etc. with friends!