Friday, February 12, 2010

More good news

We love seeing these big smiles!

"I love my Mommy!"

"Don't bug me--I'm sleeping!"

Holding that head up pretty well these days.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Miles bought this play gym for Emery for Christmas. She was checking out all the sounds and lights today.

We got up early (for us!) to take Emery for her audiological evaluation today. One was started in the hospital but they weren't able to get it finished because Emery was moving around too much. Today she cooperated nicely and slept through the whole thing. We were excited to find out that her hearing is compeletely normal. The audiologist who did the first test was telling us that Emery might have a hearing loss in the high pitch range. We were not too happy about that so were quite pleased that the results today were completely fine. One of the side effects of chemotherapy can be a hearing loss so it's important to have regular checkups.

Sleeping away
Bonnie and I each had a banana on the way to the appointment. We were starving by the time we left and pulled into a "Steak and Shake" place to grab some lunch. We then realized it was only 10:45 AM! Obviously we are not used to being up early any more. Well, that's not completely true--Bonnie is up early feeding Emery but they often go back to sleep for awhile after. Anyway, we walked in and were offered breakfast or lunch menus so we took both just in case we still felt like having breakfast. But, no, the burgers, fries and chocolate shakes were calling our names. Does it count that we had healthy salads yesterday?!
This afternoon, we had excursions to Target and HEB before coming home and making taco salad for dinner. We are watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics right now. I loved the fiddlers! Rich and I have traveled to British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia, plus driving the Al-Can Highway, and have loved every single place we've visited.
So I think we will have a quiet weekend and that's good! David and his brother are driving in and leaving Bonnie's car for her; they are spending tonight with Sarah and Miles in Dallas and will arrive here tomorrow. I know Bonnie and Emery are anxious to see him and he is anxious to see them!
Back in Unalaska, it's the second night of the annual Channel 8 fundraising auction. I am sorry not to be there to help my coworkers and to bid on some of the cool stuff we had donated. If you are in Unalaska, be sure to watch the show, pledge your membership, and bid HIGH! This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for our little TV station. Even if you don't live in Unalaska, you can still become a member and support local community broadcasting by clicking here. Thanks!


Kathi said...

Emery looks like one happy little girl! It's good to see her smiling.

Betty said...

I agree and it looks like she has gained some weight. Kisses sent from Laurel Springs to all!