Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Night Quick Update and Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone,

We've had a pretty quiet weekend, which was great! David and his brother Jonathan drove to Dallas on Friday night, stayed with Sarah and Miles (who were without electricity due to the snowstorm and were actually camping out at Miles' parents' house) and then on to Katy on Saturday. We were happy to see them and David was very happy to see his girls! David, Dan and Jonathan shopped for food and cooked a fabulous dinner for Lauren, Bonnie and me--very nice, guys! They also bought the biggest batch of candy we've ever seen! Oh, my gosh. We are on sugar overload but oh, what fun!

Emery has been happy and alert and interested in everything around her. She is a cutie pie and we are thrilled to see her growing and changing daily! Today Jonathan left early to fly back to Amarillo and David left this evening. We took him to the airport and then came back over to Becky and Sean's place in Houston. They just live a few minutes from the hospital and were gracious enough to have us come and stay with them for a few days since we have to be in at 6 AM the next two mornings. Dreading it!! I should be in bed right now, as a matter of fact.

Tomorrow Emery will have her CT scan (correction from earlier version of this post--we were confused!) so we are really hoping and praying that the tumor will be greatly diminished. After her scan, she will have more lab work done to make sure her blood levels are okay. Tuesday, we go back in at 6 AM for her MRI. Wednesday, Emery will be readmitted to the hospital to begin three more days of chemotherapy. It's going to be a busy week and we are optimistic that we will receive positive reports on all fronts.

Happy Valentine's Day to all--there's never enough love in the world so spread as much as you can. Wouldn't it be such a better place if we treated each other lovingly every day? Love, love, love to Rich, Sarah, Miles, Elle, Bonnie, David, Emery, Susan, Corey, Aidan and Ally...and the rest of my huge family...and all of my fabulous friends near and far who show their care and concern in so many ways. I feel very lucky and blessed. xoxoxo

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Kathi said...

Praying for great news today! Love, love, love you all, too. <3