Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things We Learned Today

Emery's clinic appointment was at 2:30 PM. She'd gained a little bit of weight (yay!) and overall, Dr. Thompson was very pleased with how she was doing. Her red blood cells and platelets were both low so she had to be admitted to the "short stay" floor to have transfusions of both, along with her nightly injection. It just took forever to get everything done. We arrived back home at 2 AM!! Yes, 2 AM. I did not take my laptop with me, thinking we'd only be gone a few hours. Bonnie was teasing me that I was probably wishing I'd brought it so I could be blogging. True, especially since I knew people were waiting to hear how our girl was doing.

Dr. Thompson had invited his friend Craig Waibel to come and meet David since they are both new dads and seem to have lots in common and the same sort of personality. Imagine their disappointment when they found out that David was in Amarillo! They had to settle for Bonnie and me. haha Craig hung out with us for awhile and we had fun chatting with him. He is a member of the Houston Dynamo professional soccer team and the nicest guy. Dr. Thompson said that Craig donates a great deal of time visiting kids at Texas Children's and has helped them raise a lot of money as well. It just does my heart good to meet someone like that! I also had to brag about my niece Nicole playing soccer for the University of Wyoming and her sisters Ellie and Brooke planning to go to college at Santa Clara to play soccer as well. He said he's originally from Idaho so was glad to hear about such good Wyoming players. :)

After that, we were taken to the short stay floor where we had many hours of holding Emery, sitting around, flipping channels on TV, eating candy, chatting, and watching the clock slowly tick. We had no idea we would end up at the hospital for 12 hours and were completely unprepared. Next time we will know better!

Emery is sleeping peacefully and seems to have no ill effects of the day. She had some fussy time while getting the transfusions--the doctor on the floor said that sometimes they just don't feel good while it's happening.

To sum up:
We thought we scored when getting an afternoon appointment, so we wouldn't have to rush around early, but now we realize that morning appointments are probably much better in case you have to spend the rest of the day getting transfusions.
Take the laptop, even if you think you will just be gone a few hours. Take snacks, take books, take knitting.
There are wonderful people in the world who volunteer their time just to help others.
There's not much traffic in Houston between 1 and 2 AM.
Whataburger is open 24 hours and a breakfast taquito tastes pretty great after a 12 hour clinic visit.
David is more popular than Bonnie and me.


Kathi said...

So nice that Dr. T. would think to bring Craig just because he thought he and David could be buds! You don't often meet docs like that- he sounds like a guy who really cares about the families he serves. Glad to hear that he's happy with Emery's progress and hope y'all get some good rest today!

natalee said...

We attend Trinity Fellowship and have been keeping up with Emery through your blogs. We love hearing about her! And know how are hearts and prayers go out to you! We are so excited and inspired about your writings! You do a great job of letting everyone know!!!! Thanks, Natalee and Donna

Lauri said...

Oh Jane, I don't get to log on much anymore, so am so happy to see pics of your little angel. She is darling and I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers!

Gigi said...

Thanks, everyone! Kathi, he is just that kind of doctor--we have been truly blessed to have him come into Emery's life (and all of the rest of ours, too). Natalee and Donna, we appreciate your note--we keep hearing that lots of people are reading (which is sort of intimidating!!) so it's nice to put names and faces with some of them. Thanks so much for your encouragement and prayers. Lauri, it's good to hear from you!! Hope all is well in your new locale. Miss seeing you around the island!