Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clinic tomorrow

It's been a pleasant and laid back day here. Since we are waking up every few hours during the night with Emery, we've been sleeping in a bit. Well, obviously, Bonnie is the one up with Emery but I've moved into their room with them so I stir a little when they get up. Today we got out of bed after 9 and actually had our showers and gave Emery a bath before noon. Yesterday was a different story so we were quite pleased with ourselves this morning. The weather has been cool and rainy, not too conducive to venturing out. I am not sure where the day went but we managed to fill it up with baby holding, playing, and chores. I am getting some work done as well.

At Target last night, I bought Emery a crib toy with music, lights and funny looking animals moving around. She'd had one in the hospital that she seemed to like so we thought she might enjoy having something similar here. She was mesmerized by her new toy today and intently focused on the moving animals while being soothed by the music--lullabies and classical tunes played out in Fisher Price style. Bonnie and I didn't even recognize some of them at first. She also did really well with tummy time and is holding her head up better and better. Yay, Emery!

Happy birthday to my son in law, Corey! We hope you had a happy day and will have a fabulous year ahead. Yes, I do have a card and present for you but they will be late. :)

Miss Emery is now lounging in a swing borrowed from Lauren's mom and seems quite happy and content. We are anxious to take her to the Oncology Clinic tomorrow and see what Dr. Thompson has to say. We are hopeful that her blood levels are good so Bonnie can quit giving her injections at home--that has been no fun for Mama, and Baby has not been thrilled with it either. We are also hoping Emery's weight is okay. We have been trying not to stress over it because the doctors all stated that it would be natural for Emery not to have much of an appetite after chemo. We'll update you once we are finished in Clinic.

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Kathi said...

fingers and toes crossed for a good report!