Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No call yet....

Sorry, everyone, but we did not hear from Dr. Thompson tonight. Hope to be able to update you tomorrow.

We had a quiet day, which was nice! Slept in a bit, had bagels from Einstein's, Bonnie and Emery took a walk in the sunshine and fresh air while Becky and I went to Target. I am really happy about the fact that the Houston and Katy Target stores also include a Starbucks. Not only can I get my Target fix, but I can also have a Venti black iced tea with half the amount of sweetener and lots of ice. Bought some birthday cards and cold medicine. Stopped by the Post Office and mailed said birthday cards. Picked up lunch. Took the cold medicine and felt a little better. I swear, I cannot get rid of this congestion and sore throat to save my life.

Bonnie rescheduled Emery's clinic appointment for Friday as instructed the other day. Since we didn't need to be close to the hospital for any appointments today or tomorrow, and David will be back tomorrow afternoon, we packed up and returned to Katy tonight so they can be with their friends. We are nomads lately! We appreciate Becky and Sean taking us in for three nights and taking care of us while we went to those early morning appointments. It was so nice have a ten minute drive to the Clinic at that horrible hour!

Now we are back with Lauren and Dan. We were happy to see them, and Dan was especially enthusiastic to lug my overstuffed suitcase (which he has dubbed "Big Blue") upstairs again. I promise I didn't take everything with me and it should not have been nearly as heavy this time! We watched some snowboarding on the Olympics (Shaun White was amazing, was he not?!) Emery was reaching out and grabbing the toys on her little play gym--so cute! I don't think these weeks of treatment have slowed down her development much, if at all. She is really alert and communicative and seems very interested in everything around her. The home health nurse is coming out in the morning to change the dressing on her central line and we will pick David up at the airport in the afternoon. Hopefully we will get our report from the team and know what to expect next!


Tommie said...

Constantly checking for your great updates...(: thanks so much for doing this.
Just know you are going to hear wonderful news! Thanks for sharing all of those precious pictures of Emery, we love and are praying for her daily!

Gigi said...

Thanks, Tommie. We appreciate your support!