Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ah, to be six years old again!

Aidan and Grandpa Rich have been making fancy paper airplanes and flying them in the house. It's a little too windy outside. One ended up on the roof !

Rich bought several books with patterns and instructions for all kinds of neat-o planes.

We had lunch at Margaret Bay Cafe at the hotel and then dropped in to see Grandpa in his office.

Yesterday, we checked out Town Park where Aidan had to try all of the equipment. It was another sunny, warm day.

Look! The grass is getting green!

I have some dishwashing help. And laundry folding help. Nice!

Today we stopped in at the Museum of the Aleutians. We drive past it every day on our way home and Aidan had asked what the building was. I was a little surprised that he remembered today and asked to go in. I didn't know if he would have the attention span or understanding to walk through and look at the exhibits but he seemed fascinated by all of the artifacts and loved the Unangan bidarkas, baskets, and traditional clothing. He was also very impressed with Karel Machalek's metal works on display. We stopped in the gift shop and bought a book about Alaskan boats and another one about the horses of Summer Bay, as well as a few cards to send to folks back home.

From the Museum, we went by the Post Office, bought some stamps, sent off some mail, and chatted with Ms. Shirl, then on to the Library where Ms. Lauri helped us check out some books and a couple of movies. I wanted to get a little bit of work done so we went to my office and Lauren hooked up a dvd player so Aidan could watch one of his movies and I could work (semi) uninterrupted. After he tired of the movie, Aidan went next door to the Community Center, where he has played several times at what he calls "the little playground." He is proud of himself that he knows how to get back to my office and can come and go as he pleases. He's made a couple of friends who seem to be there around the same time every day.

Rich had to work on a special dinner and then attended the celebration for awhile so was a little late getting home tonight. Aidan and I played card games: "Crazy 8s," "Old Maid," "Go Fish," and "Slap Jack." I had to review the directions on most of them. LOL He's getting pretty good at them and we had a lot of laughs about who was the OLD MAID. He also has to do 90 minutes of a computer learning program every day since he has struggled some in Kindergarten and needs a boost. They started out being "fun," and now, after only five days, he is resisting them pretty hard. It's difficult to keep a 6 year old motivated! I bought prizes at the Eagle and have been trying to get him to work for rewards but he still just wants to blow the whole thing off. We spent a pretty penny on the program so I am determined he will finish it, but we did have a little test of the wills today. He is the sweetest boy but you can definitely see that he has a stubborn side at times. Reminds me of his mama. Haha Susan!!

We have been teasing him that it never gets dark in Alaska since he is usually asleep before the sun goes down and it's already up when he awakens. He was not quite sure whether to believe us or not. Tonight he would not go to sleep and just now finally conked out on the couch. He looked up a little while ago and noted, "It IS getting dark."


Suzassippi said...

Love the photos! Looks like he is having a good time with all the adventures.

cookie dough said...

Gigi your post exhausted me! Sounds like you're having a great visit! I'll have a couple boys doing homework this summer...I can't wait for the fun to begin.

Alena! said...

Hey! What computer program is that? I got the call from the elemetary principal the other day that SP needs to attend summer school. And I agree with CD, that was one exhausting post...I felt like I needed a nap after reading it.

Cath said...

He is adorable !! I just LOVE little people - they are so much fun .... especially when you can spoil them and send them home :)
He looks like he's having lots of fun with his excellent adventures up there - I'm a bit envious.

Lauri said...

I loved meeting Aidan, and am always happy to supply books and movies...he is a very polite and darling boy....just look at those eyes! And I agree with the exhausting part....Whew!

Gigi said...

Thanks, all. I certainly did forget what it was like to have a youngster around the house. My bones are creaking. LOL Alena! The program is called FastForWord--I found it when reading a book on brain research. It's really interesting. You can look at their website of the same name. The issue is that if they're already behind, you have to go through a trained speech pathologist and be monitored weekly. I found someone near Dallas to evaluate him before we came back and she is working with us via long distance. You can purchase some things on your own if SP isn't behind too much--not sure how they determine that, though. I would offer to share but it's all set up for Aidan and only allows certain usage per day with the results automatically uploaded and sent to the therapist for analysis and further planning for him. You know how companies are--they want you to purchase your own. LOL But you are welcome to come see it in action one day if you like.

cookie dough said...

Know of anything for improving handwriting/fine motor skills....anyone??? NOT a computer program, I fear too much laptop and xbox time is causing this problem that one of my kids has!

Alena! said...

Oh yes, companies do want us to buy buy buy! SP's shortcomings seem to mostly be with mathmatics and attention span. He is his mothers child. I had the hardest time with math until Holly Holman started teaching algebra to a select group of us non-mathamatical types. It's all in the way its taught I think. Some teachers can just reach a student and some cannot.

Gigi said...

Math was not my strong suit, either. And now I have a daughter who teaches high school geometry. How did that happen?! I told her that it's not the kids who are good in math who need a good teacher, but the ones who are NOT. :)

The FFW program definitely works on attn span and paying attn, following directions, etc. I think there might be some math stuff further on but we haven't reached it yet. It's mostly language based work.

CD, I don't know what's available for handwriting, etc. but Aidan also needs help practicing his printing so I am going to see what I can find. I'll let you know if I come across something that includes handwriting. Maybe the teacher can send some stuff home for summer practice?

Alaska Steve said...

So, my take-away point from this post, as a grandfather to two, is grandkids = reasons to buy books. Books on paper airplanes, books from the museum store, books from the library - sweet!

It looks like you guys are having a great time!


Gigi said...

Yes, we are book freaks, what can I say?! LOL Any excuse for another book. :)