Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friends and Fun

Today a couple of my old friends came over to Bonnie and David's to visit with us. Mona (above), Rich and I went to high school together in New Jersey many years ago. When I moved to Texas the summer after 10th grade, she moved to Clovis, NM and we visited back and forth via the Greyhound bus a few times. :) She ended up in Amarillo as an adult, married Alex, and they have two sons, Stuart and Andrew. We have stayed in touch over all this time but now that I have kids in Amarillo, we actually get to visit in person once in awhile. It's always good to catch up! We were laughing about how when we were 15, we never could imagine being this old. LOL

Mona with Alex and their youngest son, Andrew, who is 6'5"!! He had to bend in half to hug me. :) He is about to graduate from high school. Stuart also dropped by and both boys brought their girlfriends. What nice kids to take time out to go see their mom's friend. I am sure they had better things to do today but they were very sweet to hang out with us for a bit. Elle loved Andrew and was flirting with him the whole time.

This is my friend Debbie, who is originally from Amarillo and moved back here sometime after college. My first job was as a social worker at Providence Hospital in Waco, TX. Debbie was my social work intern from Baylor University. Since we were only a couple of years apart, we became friends during her time working with me and she actually took my job at the hospital when I moved on. It is great to see her when I come to town!

I'm happy to be with my two girls. The youngest is missing, though! Will see her next week.

Elle has been more clingy to her mom since we've been here. I think it's a combination of her age, being in a strange place, not feeling completely great, and being out of her routine. But she sat with me and read books for a little while tonight. So sweet! She will turn herself around and plop down on the floor but hasn't quite got the hang of sitting herself on someone's lap yet. She loves to point out the ball in her book.

After she'd had enough of Gigi, she moved to Mom and Aunt Bonnie.

We had a nice day visiting with people and made a taco salad for dinner. A Texas staple! I hadn't had one in quite awhile. David was busy at his parents' house, helping them cook for a dinner they had with special guests.

I can't believe our time here is almost done and we will be heading back to Dallas tomorrow evening!


Suzassippi said...

Beautiful! It always makes me smile to see the girls. :)

Betty said...

Nice that you got to visit with Mona amd Debbie. Great to catch up, huh? Can't wait to see my granddaughters in June.

Gigi said...

Can't wait to see you too Granny!

Gigi said...

- didn't realize I was signed in as mom! That was a Sarah commenting Granny!

Betty said...

LOL! One of Susan's followers latched onto mine. I meet more people this way.