Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeping Busy

We've had lots going on!   Here's a little self portrait of Aidan.   He also took several pictures of the cats hiding out under the deck.   Oh my gosh, I was appalled to see all of the trash and junk accumulated under there, either from the wind blowing it or animals dragging it in.   It's not like we ever lie down on the grass and look under our deck, but leave it to a kid to have curiosity about what might be in an out of the way place (and to document it)!

We went to the annual Memorial Day BBQ at the clinic and waited in line forever (in the cold) for a ride on the fire truck.   But what fun!

We took a walk up to the dam.

I was a little paranoid that Aidan would fall!

It was great to enjoy the sunshine and to throw rocks into the stream.  :)

Aidan has been able to  hang out with his friends Luc and Jacob several times in the last few days.  He went with them to their babysitter's so I could go to work for a few hours, and then their mom Pipa came to get him and took him with them to a bbq over the holiday weekend.   It's been really neat for him to have some kids to do things with.  After lunch at the hotel and a visit with Grandpa at work today, we went to the DMV so I could renew my driver's license, which will expire while we are on our NJ trip.  Can't believe I was actually proactive and got it done in advance. Otherwise you might be reading a funny post about how I was refused boarding on a plane because my ID was expired.   :)   

I worked part of the day today while Aidan played at the Community Center and then got together with Luc and Jacob again.   Pipa took them all to a carnival at the Methodist Church this evening.  Something tells me it's my turn to take all the kids and do something with them! Pipa is the BEST!  


Suzassippi said...

Your death grip on Aidan on the dam reminds me of our trip to DC or Philly once, and we were waiting on the subway and that mom kept shouting "get back! get back!" to her child who was 6 feet from the edge of the platform. :)

Gigi said...