Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wildlife and big fun

A sea otter on the way to Summer Bay.

View from the bunker on the top of Mt. Ballyhoo.

Ptarmigans on Ballyhoo.


Today Aidan and I stopped by the Wellness Center to say hi to my former coworkers. Here "Ms. Healthy Unalaska Biggest Winner Coordinator" Alena sneaks Aidan a whole handful of mini candy bars. Okay, he's skinny enough--I guess they won't hurt him. :)

Alena, Melanie and Patty were teasing Aidan about being a celebrity since everyone seems to know he's here for a visit. Never doubt the power of blogs and facebook. :) We then went to the Behavioral Health office to see Darcel, Donna and Judi, and of course I forgot to take my camera in. But we are having breakfast with them tomorrow so they may not be off the hook.

Aidan was only trying to help me out when he apparently locked the car yesterday. He isn't used to small island life where we leave the keys in the car and don't lock it (shhhhh, don't tell anyone!) Imagine my surprise when we went out to leave today and couldn't get into the car. He tried all of the doors three or four times, just in case. Last night, he turned the bathroom lock and pulled the door shut from the outside, but Rich was able to get it unlocked with a knife. This convinced Aidan that he could do the same thing with the car. :0 I searched high and low throughout the house to find the extra key, to no avail. Luckily, Rich knew right where it was, though we had a little laugh about how surprising it was that he actually remembered. We are always forgetting where we put things. So now Aidan and I have a deal--before he moves to lock the car, he is supposed to say, "Gigi, do you have the car key?"

It was cool and overcast and drizzly today but that didn't stop him from playing outside and somehow managing to splatter mud up the back of his sweatshirt and pants. We picked up our box of fresh produce and stopped in at the store to buy a few more items, including some very green bananas, which he thought were hilarious.

After taquitos for dinner, we had some mean games of Slap Jack and Go Fish before bedtime. He went to his own room tonight but still didn't fall asleep till 11. Oh, to have that much energy!


Suzassippi said...

It's all that daylight. :)

Gigi said...

I know. We even hung a sheet over his window to block out the light!

alaskagal98 said...

Awww .. too bad I missed Aidan's visit! Sounds like you guys are having such fun!!