Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More from Abilene

I went to the grocery store to find Jim and Susan before a potluck dinner with friends and parked right next to this vehicle with Mississippi plates. Suzassippi had arrived in Texas.

Susan and Jim
I know I have not included any scenery shots from this trip (that's Rich's forte and not mine!) but I loved these flowers on Jim's street.

Potluck with the old gang at Sherri's place. Susan and Sherri in the kitchen. We had lots of great food and even more gales of laughter. I love these friends and we have had so many adventures together.

Karen and Sherri
Being goofy. We tried many angles to get everyone into one shot and it just did not work out, though we laughed so hard it was definitely worth it.

Sherri, Diana, Karen, Jane and Jim

On our last day in Abilene, we met at the Hickory Street Cafe, one of my all time favorite places, famous for its fabulous chicken salad and zucchini bread. Aidan and Ally are sweet little siblings (at least some of the time!)

Susan, Jim and Aidan
Susan and Ally
Saying goodbye. Susan was a little teary-eyed about letting her boy go all the way to Alaska without her and staying away from home for so long.

But Aidan had no worries and was sound asleep in the car most of the way to Dallas.


Alaska Steve said...

Suzzassippi! You'll have to get her back to the island sometime, drag her to book club, i'd love to pick her brain . . . . safe travels on the way home, see you soon, looks like you had a blast!

Suzassippi said...

It was a great time with all of you! Reminds me of how much I miss everyone still.

Bubbe said...

Wish I could've joined you for a visit! I AM looking forward to my Unalaska trip in August, though. :)

Gigi said...

Yes, we need to get Suz to come back but it's not looking likely this summer. Although she may have an offer to be an itinerant for a few weeks if that all gets worked out. We will see!

Kath, looking forward to your visit! Don't forget to get that Seattle leg booked! Sorry we missed you in TX--we just have too many people in too many places in that big ole state. However, I will remind everyone once again that if Alaska were cut in half, Texas would then be the THIRD largest state. LOL