Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round up

Elle has kept us amused with her funny expressions and sense of humor. She is hilarious and loves to keep everyone laughing.

Before leaving Amarillo, we stopped by the school to say goodbye to David since he had several things going on that day.

Don't call him "Mr. Williams." His students call him "D-Will," which cracks me up. We are proud of David, who was named Teacher of the Year for Amarillo High.

Elle has enrolled in Uncle Dave's Advanced Placement Economics class. We didn't get any photos but she was flirting like crazy with the teenaged boys. Daddy had better get prepared to ward them off with a stick when she gets older.

We were walking down the hallway at school and ran into Rebecca, who grew up with our girls in Abilene and shared many years of dance classes with them. Now she is married and teaching at Amarillo High. Small world, as they say.

We spent our last day with Bonnie, ran a few errands, bought a few little baby things (though it is hard to find neutral or unisex stuff any more...I guess everyone waits till they know the baby's gender since they find out so early these days) and then had to say goodbye. It is always hard to leave one of the girls when I am not sure how long it will be till I see them again, though Bonnie will be coming to the Jersey shore in June. We arrived at the airport to find out that our flight was delayed, but it didn't really take too long and Elle had a fabulous flight this time. Hurray! She was happy, enjoyed looking out the window and played contentedly. The plane was almost empty, which helped and we didn't have to worry about whether she was kicking the seat in front of her or trying to climb on it. Miles picked us up in Dallas and we were all happy to see him! I know he missed his girls and they missed him. We ordered some pizza and had a nice chat before heading off to bed after a long day.
Elle is glad to be back in her own house and have her own things around her, not to mention sleeping in her own bed. She has been so much fun!

Last night, we met my friends Dana and Kirk and their baby Daniel for dinner. We all used to work at West Texas Rehab together when I lived in Abilene. We had a great time catching up on news and Daniel is just a cutie pie.

I finally have a photo of Miles to post! He's such a good daddy and we have been having lots of good conversations.

I think this is the sweetest photo of Daniel looking at his daddy Kirk. You can see how much he loves him!

Elle and Daniel are just a few months apart and were very interested in one another.

Cute family! So glad we got to visit!

Back at home, Elle is sitting in her little chair reading her books.

Who could resist that smile?!

Sarah and Miles are renting a house while they remodel another one. I am not sure where my kids (especially my sons in law) get the energy to do all these projects but they are very good at it. We walked through the house yesterday and they had completely gutted it and begun just about from scratch to make a new home. I admire Miles' ability to look at a big ole mess and envision what it could be. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Today, Sarah and I took Elle to the play area in the mall because it is, once again, rainy. I am really annoyed about this Texas weather. Anyway, I know I am not biased or anything but Elle was by far the cutest baby there. LOL She is such a little ham and was flirting with everyone who passed her by. Later, she had to push her stroller rather than sit in it and was doing everything she could to make us laugh.

Tonight we are meeting Miles' parents for dinner and then I am heading for Abilene tomorrow. I can't wait to see Susan, Corey, Aidan, Ally and all of my old friends. And maybe it will be HOT there. Sarah and I decided that the bad weather will probably just follow me from place to place. I imagine it will be pretty here in Dallas as soon as I leave and the rain will migrate to Abilene, what do you bet?!


Suzassippi said...

The sun actually came out for a few hours today here and it was gorgeous after being blowing rain and cold this morning. It is clouding over again though, and all to do over again tonight. I just hope it clear by Friday when I have to drive.

Cute baby for sure!

Bubbe said...

Elle is definitely a charmer! Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time. Love David's teacher name! I've always been Mrs. K. for some reason-guess my students weren't quite as creative- ha. Still really hot here- close to 100. It's the kind of heat that takes your breath away. Makes me wonder what July and August will be like...but I'm NOT complaining...hugs and kisses to you and yours!

Betty said...

Elle is definitely a cutie and a charmer as Kathi said. She reminds me of you, Jane when you were her age. You were always making funny faces too. Love D-Will's name. Is that his idea or his students? Hope you all had a happy Mother's Day@

bonnie said...

"D-Will" definitely was the kids' idea but he likes it. He's such the cool teacher.