Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

The Coast Guard was cruising in our neighborhood today.

Aidan had a big time helping Grandpa make little personal pizzas from scratch tonight.

Wow, he can flip that dough!

Aidan just wanted cheese on his.

I had some heirloom tomatoes and some of our fresh home grown basil on mine; Rich added some pepperoni to his. Yum, yum.

Rich worked all day and into the night last night for the Ounalashka Corporation's annual meeting and banquet. Aidan and I went to the library, to the park, and out to dinner with Judi, as well as getting some things done around the house and the never-ending learning programs on the computer. I am happy to say that Aidan is not resisting them as much any more and seems to actually think most of them are fun. He is doing well and making progress so he gets reinforcement for improving, and of course, that makes the whole thing more enjoyable. I have also relented somewhat and have let him use TV time as a reward. That and dessert seem to be the biggest motivators. :)

He loves playing outside our house and has gotten totally muddy the past two days, necessitating a bath before he could even think about sitting down to eat dinner. I laughingly told Rich that I guess I am just not used to little boys. I think they do have something different in their genes. Aidan jumped right into a deep puddle yesterday (on purpose), soaked one sock and shoe, and went happily on his way. I can't imagine walking around in a wet, cold sock for hours. He said, "oh, it will dry." LOL

We leave for Jersey a week from tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone!


Suzassippi said...

My goodness, you must be ready for another vacation, you poor thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Boys absolutely do have something different in them. As someone who grew up with 3 sisters, I was always amazed by my son...his penchant for puddles, fish and fishing poles, dirt, swords, and anything dangerous. As a single parent, I was always afraid I would raise him up timid. Instead I raised a man with one of the kindest souls in world. I'm glad Aidan has you for a grandma!

bonnie said...

I have a request for pizza at the beach house!! That is pretty much something that I can eat at any time...

Glad things are going better with Aidan's lessons. He looks like he's having such a good time!

Alena! said...

What is it about boys and stinky dirty stuff. And, ya, I remember wet socks from my brother always laying around and now I find my son doing it. EW! MILDEW GUYS!

cookie dough said...

What happened to my boys? They're not dirty or fishing pole-loving and avoid mud puddles hmmm....Their dad LOVED everything outdoors,still does! My guys are different! Alena! probably has a theory and I doubt I want to know :)

Gigi said...

Sharon, you did a great job if your son has a kind soul. We need more guys like that!

CD, I guess sometimes kids just go their own way, regardless of the environment! Your boys are fab even if they aren't into stinky stuff. LOL

Alena, we should get SP and A together before we leave next Monday!

Bonnie--pizza it is. :)

Susan, bite your tongue. :)