Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boy v. Rules, Airline Hassles, Cool Blog to Check Out

The boy is asleep on the couch. He hates to go to his bedroom, even with a night light, even with my ipod in its dock with speakers, even with a soft blanket and his toys all around. I can remember my mom saying that I was afraid I'd miss something when I was a kid, always lurking around to see what was happening. I have the same feeling about Aidan. Why sleep when there might be something interesting going on? Rich and I were laughing tonight about how "Gigi's rules" have been pretty hard to enforce. So much for going to bed at 8:30 with a smile and a sweet little goodnight kiss for the grandparents. LOL

I've tried to go into work for a few hours every day this week and that's worked out pretty well. Aidan will either go to the playground next door or to the babysitter with Luc and Jacob, which he did today. We haven't done anything too exciting the past few days, just stops at the Post Office and the Eagle store and playing outside in the dirt. We've wracked our brains a bit about dinners that Aidan will eat and resorted to chicken nuggets and mac and cheese tonight. :)

I had a long conversation with American Airlines this morning to get Aidan on the same flight as Sarah and Elle from Philly back to DFW on June 21 after our Jersey shore trip. Imagine my surprise when I rec'd my confirmation email and the date was June 12. That is the day that Sarah and Elle fly TO Philly and yet Aidan was flying FROM Philly to DFW. I was so annoyed! I had to call back and explain the whole thing to another agent, who was very helpful and got it all straightened out after a big conversation, consultation with supervisors, and having to call me back. Let's hope it is all set this time. I was also trying to make sure they had Elle down as a lap baby with Sarah and couldn't understand why both agents were confused about her name and spelling it "Lelle." The first woman told me she thought it was pronounced "Lily." I finally realized that I was causing the mixup by saying "Her name is Elle--E.L.L.E." They thought I was saying "L.E.L.L.E."

I was looking through some of the Alaska blogs tonight and came across one I had not seen before, 49 Writers. Sometimes I wish I had aspired to something more than a fluff blog about our daily lives in Unalaska. Maybe one day I will get motivated and inspired to put a lot more effort into writing something with a bit of substance (as likely as Gigi's rules being enforced?) but in the meantime, check out this blog for some interesting and thought provoking writings by real Alaska authors. I put a link on my blogroll for your convenience. You can definitely tell the difference between these folks and most of the rest of us (no offense intended and I know that some of you are excellent writers yourselves so you are exempt from the comment. LOL)

Off to bed for me.


Alaska Steve said...

That 49 Writes site is very cool, nice find. I'm up to late right now but I'm going to link to it as well when i get a chance.

Gigi said...

I spent a lot of time reading back through the posts and have another list of books to order!