Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where has the time gone?!

We are leaving for Seattle this evening and I haven't had a spare moment to post! I am trying to upload a few photos before we take off and will do additional posts as I can. These will be from my trip to Abilene last week. Above, we have my youngest daughter Susan and her daughter Ally who just started day care and seems to like it just fine! We picked her up after I arrived in Clyde, Texas, where Susan, Corey and the kids are now living.

And here's big boy Aidan just home from Kindergarten. I was so happy to see their whole family!
Sweet Ally in her car seat and holding her blanket, which goes everywhere with her. She has really started talking since I last saw her and is now saying "Hi, Gigi!" Now that's something to warm a grandmother's heart!

My good friend Karen was receiving her Master's in Social Work--she's with her mom, Cleda, on the Abilene Christian University campus where we attended her special "hooding" ceremony the night before graduation. Hurray, Karen! I am very proud!

Cleda again, and Karen's beautiful daughter Kaci, at the graduation ceremony.

Karen being hooded by her thesis advisor.

Karen's son Kyle flew in from Juneau and surprised all of us. He used to live in Unalaska and worked for Rich at the Grand. We were all happy to see him and his crazy handlebar mustache. :)

Susan and Ally enjoying the fabulous luncheon after graduation.

Out for Mexican food--gotta have those fajitas in Texas--with my cute grandkids.

Some of my longtime and best friends, Kelly, Karen, Connie and Rudene.

Corey's working out of town so we didn't get to see him till the weekend. We had lots of fun hanging out. It was great to see y'all and I miss you already!

More later!


Anonymous said...

We are missing you and, for sure, have been missing your posts!

Suzassippi said...

Love the grad photo of Karen! It was wonderful to see you and Susan and the kids. Hope you and Aidan have a good trip home, and I will try to post pictures soon.

Bubbe said...

Looks like everyone is having a fun time! I bet Aidan is thrilled to get to go home with his Gigi!

cookie dough said...

Your family is always so beautiful, such happy smiles!

Gigi said...

Thanks, all. In Seattle tonight and heading home tomorrow. It's been a wonderful trip.