Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aidan and Gigi travel to Alaska

Aidan has become very interested in taking photos.   He took this one of our plane in Dallas, along with many more of the various vehicles and equipment on the runway.   :)

Here we go--first flight--Dallas to Seattle.

The digiplayer is a lifesaver on a four hour flight.

Thanks to a very kindhearted pilot named Steve who made a little boy's day by posing for a photo after our flight.

We love!  The SEA-TAC Hilton for $60.   We got in pretty late with just enough time for a drink, a few phone calls, and nighty-night.   This is the next morning, getting ready for our second flight--Seattle to Anchorage.

Waiting for the shuttle to the airport.

At our gate, waiting to board.   We had a smooth flight to Anchorage but left Seattle late and had a very close connection in Anchorage.  When we  landed, the flight attendant announced that there were four passengers to "Dutch Harbor" and one to Adak Island who needed to be allowed to get off the plane first.   We hurried to the front, where we were told to "RUN" to our gate because the plane was being held for us.  We could not RUN very well, a 6 year old and an old lady with both her arms full of stuff.  We did the best we could, arriving at Pen Air out of breath, only to be told that the plane had not even boarded yet.  Of course it hadn't!  

Third flight.   Unalaska, here we come!


Alaska Steve said...

That is one photogenic young man - thanks for letting Grandpa spoil him for a bit so you could sneak over to Book Club!

alaskagal98 said...

What cute pictures! Your grandson is adorable!! And I love the pic with the pilot - how cool is that?? Thanks for the Priceline tip - I'll have to check them out!

Gigi said...

Thanks! Yes, he is adorable. Not that I am biased or anything. :) Enjoyed book club--now I need to read the book. LOL Thank Goldfish for the fabulous food!

You should have seen Aidan's face light up when the pilot said he'd take a photo with us. I don't think he realized how much it meant! What a nice guy!

We LOVE priceline. You can get some great deals. The only bad thing is that once you buy the room, you are committed, so if you have travel issues and don't make it to your destination, you lose your money. SO we usually wait till we've made it out of Unalaska before reserving. :)

cookie dough said...

Oh my, so handsome!
Great guys have a blast with him :)

who is the old lady??? Not Gigi!!

Gigi said...

LOL Aren't you sweet, CD?! Hope you have a great vacation if I don't see you before you go.