Monday, May 18, 2009

Aidan's Excellent Aleutian Adventure

We drove out to Summer Bay and around toward Morris Cove but realized we had no gas so turned back!   We saw some sea otters and lots of birds.

After getting some gas, we drove up Ballyhoo and checked out all of the WWII remains.  Aidan was pretty fascinated with the "fallen down buildings."   

Wow, we are up in the clouds!

Looking out of one of the bunkers.

You can see a lot from way up here!

Aidan's been helping with chores, shucking some corn for dinner and vacuuming the living room.   
We have a great Aquatics Center with a HUGE slide!

We enjoyed our time in the pool.

Yesterday, we headed back to Morris Cove and found the wild horses.  Aidan saw them when he was about 4 years old but he was a little frightened then  and  didn't want to get too close.

This time he had lots of fun feeding them carrots.

We also tried to drive around the pass but encountered some snow that we were a little leery of trying to get around.  We decided not to take any chances but hoping it will be gone before long.

Our days have been very full and we are having so much fun!   I have to say that I am not having any trouble sleeping at night.   :)   


alaskagal98 said...

Looks like Aidan is having a great time! I really love that picture with the clouds right behind him!

Alena! said...

Those are great pics Gigi, Aidan is going to have awesome Unalaska memories. We should have a play date with SP!

Gigi said...

Thanks, gals. Yes, Alena! we should get the boys together!

unalaska said...

I love all the photos of Aidan's excellent Aleutian Adventure. Thanks Gigi for converting another soul to the Aleutians!

Gigi said...

This place converts people easily all on its own. :)

Bubbe said...

What fun!