Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday on Bunker Hill

It was a beautiful day yesterday and we took full advantage by hiking up Bunker Hill.

Aidan wanted to take some photos, too.

Eagles on watch.

Aidan with the big bunker in the background.

We had a little picnic and a little rest.

Looking across the bridge.

Aidan had no trouble at all with the hike. He was faster than I was!


Alaska Steve said...

GREAT pictures - I love the one on the bottom of all three of you. That hike never gets old, it is just about the right workout and the view is always interesting.

Betty said...

I love the pictures. It's like being there all over again. Aidan looks like he's enjoying the hiking and eating!

mamawas said...

I love the father son nap pix best, can you imagine the great family comments that shot will generate over the years????

Gigi said...

Thanks, everyone. We are having a big ole time and love preserving these memories.