Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emery--2nd Chemo Completed!

Emery had three different chemo drugs last night. She seemed to tolerate them fine at the time but then had a very fussy period soon after. She cried and cried, almost inconsolably, for awhile. It was heartbreaking to see and we couldn't really figure out what was wrong, except that she just didn't feel right or was in some kind of pain. But she finally calmed down in Mommy's arms and was resting when I left. I was worried about her all night and hoping that all three of them would be able to get a good rest. When I got back this morning, Bonnie said everything had gone well and Emery didn't have any more trouble last night--hallelujah. She's had a busy day today. The audiologist came in to do a hearing test, which took quite a long time and still did not get finished so she will have to have the rest of it on an outpatient basis later. The dietitian came by to say how proud she was of Emery's weight gain. She told us that Dr. Thompson had "jumped up and down and clapped his hands" when he heard Emery's weight yesterday. So funny and sweet. The Nurse Practictioner examined Emery and felt that she was doing amazingly well. Then Dr. Thompson came in to second that opinion. Bonnie teased him about jumping up and down and clapping his hands, adding "like a little girl!" It's so great that they are all comfortable enough to laugh and kid around with each other.

Now the dressing on Emery's central line is being changed and Dr. Alok, one of the residents, just came by to say hello. Emery has won the hearts of everyone who has seen her even one time and they all like to pop in and see how she's doing.

Bonnie and David "get" to learn how to give Emery a shot today. She has to have one injection a day for several days to help build up her blood counts. Since she will not be staying in the hospital, her parents have to know how to do it. They are certainly getting a new kind of education throughout this journey with Emery. They will probably be discharged this evening and then will come back to the Oncology Clinic next Wednesday for a check up and labs.

We hear there's lots of snow in Amarillo and school was cancelled today!


Suzassippi said...

So good to hear good news! Thanks for the update--I know we all check several times a day for new information. The pictures on Bonnie's blogs do show how much she has grown and how well she looks. We love you and keep all of you in our prayers.

They moved our snow to later tomorrow, so we figure no school closing for us. :(

Kathi said...

I saw on the news tonight that it's 17 degrees in Amarillo! The cold front is supposed to hit here early in the morning. Great news about Emery- love hearing the cute stories about her doctors and all the people who are "taking care" of her. When does David have to get back to work?

Betty said...

What great news! So glad all is well. Thanks for keeping us all in mind. All of the cousins up here are reading the blog and call to tell me how happy they are of your updates. Donna Fletcher is also keeping tabs. Says she feels she is part of the family. Love you all!

unalaska said...

Boy, being a parent is hard, no matter how you look at it, but having to face what Bonnie, David, and Emery are facing, simply is inconceivable. They will all come through with flying colors, with an incredible sense of what is important.

Gigi said...

Thanks, everyone. Love y'all!

David is leaving tomorrow (Sunday) to return to work on Monday. He will be back for the weekend, though.