Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello from an 8 lb., 10 oz. baby girl!

Emery was re-admitted to Texas Children's today. She went through the Oncology Clinic first, to have her vital signs taken and to see Dr. Thompson for evaluation before coming back onto the 9th floor for her next chemo. We are all very proud and happy that she's been nursing well and is up to 8 pounds, 10 ounces! I haven't seen Emery since Friday and she has changed in those few days. She's filled out, for one, and she's also smiling up a storm. She really responds to people's voices and will make little cooing sounds along with smiling. She's been alert and awake for longer periods of time. She looks great and you would not know that anything is going on except for her eye being partially closed.

It was a little shocking to see so many children in the clinic, knowing that they all have one form of cancer or another. Most of them were sitting patiently next to their IV poles, reading or playing games or talking with their family members while waiting to go into a treatment room. Most of them receive outpatient chemotherapy. We are grateful that Emery is going to be in the hospital for her chemo so she can be monitored, especially since one of the drugs will be different this time and there's no way to know how she will respond to it. Some of the younger kids were crying and upset--one little boy did not even want his blood pressure taken. I imagine they begin to associate the clinic with lots of things that they do not particularly enjoy. In some ways, it is probably a blessing that Emery is so young and does not know what's being done.

Chemo should be starting any time now. The nurse practitioner said that Emery could potentially be released tomorrow if all goes well, but that's not certain till we see how the chemo affects her. She also needs a hearing test, just part of the protocol, so she will have to stick around till that's done. We love our precious girl and hope and pray that this will be a quick and easy hospital stay.


Suzassippi said...

What great news that Emery has gained some! I was in contact with Odis today, and he is now on the Emery prayer chain. So glad you had some time with your girls and kids--plus a good plane trip! Love to everyone.

Gigi said...

Nice, thanks! I will let Odis know that we appreciate him.

Betty said...

I saw Bonnie's pictures on her blog and Emery looks pretty good to me. Here's hoping she'll continue to improve.

Kathi said...

Emery's pictures are beautiful- I hope this next round will be all she needs and that she's on the road to complete recovery very quickly.