Friday, January 29, 2010

Quiet Friday

It's a little overcast and chilly in Houston but not nearly as cold as we're hearing about in other places! We left the hospital yesterday evening; Bonnie, David and Emery went back to Katy with their friends and I am still in Houston with mine. I didn't want them to have to drive over here and haul all of my stuff when they had a drive in front of them and a baby who might not be too thrilled about sitting in her car seat too long. And I figured they might want to have some time with Dan and Lauren before David leaves. They are getting a rental car tomorrow, thanks to the generosity of more friends (my goodness, our list of kindhearted people just keeps growing and growing!) so we will meet up then and I will go out to Katy with Bonnie and Emery for the duration. Unless something changes, David is going home to Amarillo Sunday and back to teaching on Monday. He's planning to return here for the weekends till his girls get to go home.

I talked with Bonnie this morning and all was well; they had a good night and were waiting for the nursing agency to come by Lauren's house with the supplies they will need for giving Emery's injections. I'm happy they are out of the hospital and that Emery seems to be feeling no worse for wear after the last chemotherapy.

It was nice to sleep in this morning and I did a little bit of work for my job, which has suffered while I've been gone, but I am most thankful for the best boss and coworkers EVER who have not tried to make me feel bad and have covered everything that needed to be covered. And I also want to thank my friends back home who have volunteered to help with making calls for donations of goods for the auction, along with sending up lots of love and emotional support. I miss y'all and you are really amazingly wonderful. :)

Becky and I ran some errands today and went to Central Market, which is like a candy store to those of us who don't live in the land of the giant gourmet supermarket (oh, if only Rich had been here--we might still be browsing the aisles!) Also went to Michael's, where I bought some yarn and needles so I can try to get back into the knitting thing. Becky helped me with some tips last night and I am anxious to actually accomplish something instead of constantly tearing out and starting over. Watch out, Unalaska Tuesday Night Knitters' Club!


Suzassippi said...

Thank goodness for more good news again. Blessings to David as he returns home to work. I hope his weather is better than ours.

Betty said...

We are having an artic blast here but snow is not really in our forecast. It's supposed to pass south of us...hope it does. Best to Bonnie and David and kisses for my sweet baby.

Kathi said...

Ditto what Susan and Mom said! I know it must be hard for both David and Bonnie that he has to go back to work, but great that he'll be able to make it back on the weekends. Several people at services tonight asked about Emery, and they're all so glad she's doing so well. It's amazing how many people feel like they know her- and all of you. Can you send me the address where Bonnie is staying? Thanks! Love to all.