Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Emery Wednesday Update

We're sitting in Emery's nice big room on the 7th floor. She just went to have some dye injected for tests tomorrow and is resting in her crib while the rest of us hang out. She had a pretty good night last night, though she wanted to nurse often and kept her mama up quite a bit. Not that anyone is complaining about that. :) Her oncology doctors and pedi neurologist came in early this afternoon and all were very happy about how well she is doing. Dr. Thompson, the oncologist, said Emery is "doing GREAT!" with a big exclamation point in his voice. The docs are so sweet with her and you can tell that they really care about their patients. So heartwarming. We had a discussion about the plan of care and things are still a bit up in the air. We think the chest tube is coming out soon but not sure when. The neurologist wants another scan of some sort but not yet...they have to intubate Emery to do MRIs and that has its risks so they have to weigh their options and decide when the time is right. They are cutting her steroids back to get them to an "outpatient level." Her eye is looking a little better (we were right in our observations!) so the doc said the pressure might be letting up a bit. All in all, lots of good news the last couple of days.

It sounds like Emery will be in the hospital at least through mid-week next week (but that is very tentative and could change at any point). Then perhaps stay here in Houston outside the hospital and wait for the next round of chemo. That all works out to several weeks but none of it is carved in stone right now.

Amarillo High Student Council has started a neat project called "Jump on the Emery Chain." Kids can buy a paper link for a dollar, write a message on it, and add it to the paper chain that will be stretched through the hallway at school. We are so touched by these wonderful students and their caring hearts. We have to say again that we have been blessed by many, many fabulous people who have reached out to support Bonnie, David and Emery in so many ways, too many to count, and we want you to know that we have noticed and appreciated every single call, email, text message, gift of time, money, food, offers of places to stay, and everything else. Even if you have not heard from us individually yet, please know that we are very grateful and you are all in our hearts.

Not much else to report right now. We don't seem to have a photo card reader with us so we have to get one before we can post any photos...sorry....we thought we had one here. She's looking really good and mostly like her old self except her legs are still a little chubby from the fluids and steroids. :)

Thanks again for all the love and prayers. More later if anything changes--if not, I will post tomorrow.


Bubbe said...

What restaurants are close by that Bonnie and David like? I was going to pick up a couple of gift cards, but I thought I'd ask first. And what address can I send to? Is there anything that y'all need? Love you all!

Suzassippi said...

Thanks for the great news update. Continued love and prayers coming your way.

Betty said...

Good idea from Kath. Our thoughts and love to you all.

Gigi said...

Thanks--love y'all, too! Kath, I don't even know what's nearby but will look into it. There's actually a food court at the hospital, if you can imagine! Or maybe you can, but I've never seen that before! haha I know there are a few places across the street or in the vicinity. David's friend took him to Whole Foods last night and stocked up on fruit, salads, snacks, water, etc. There's a fridge on the floor that we can use. We really don't need a thing right now. But I will check on restaurants because it is nice for them to be able to get out and away from the room once in awhile. THANKS.

Susan, how's SA? Are you posting? I haven't seen anything lately but maybe missed something.

Bubbe said...

OK- thanks- let me know what you find out!