Monday, January 18, 2010

Emery--Monday Update

When I left the hospital last night, Emery was running a little bit of a fever and did not seem like she was feeling well. We were a little worried that she was getting sick. This morning, when I went back over around 9, Bonnie and David reported that they'd had a pretty good night's rest, although she still had a low fever. The nurses and doctors did not seem as concerned as we were so we are trying not to worry too much. Emery was moved today to Oncology (9th floor) and we were happy that all of her cords and wires were disconnected! So much better! We can get her in and out of her crib more easily and hold her without having wires in the way and monitors going off with every small position change. She had to have a bone scan today, which meant two trips with her Mommy and a couple of hours total in the nuclear medicine department. Her temp was 98.2 when last taken and she's a little raspy sounding but we're hoping it's nothing major. Her weight was up a little today--something else we've been watching. Yuck--she had to take some sodium by mouth today and she just hated it. Poor baby was gagging and gagging and eventually threw some of it up. We are thinking there must be a better way to give it to her since she has to have it twice a day.

We thought she was having an echocardiogram (just routine) today but nothing's happened with that so far. She's scheduled for an MRI early tomorrow morning so please send up prayers and positive thoughts that it will show that the tumor is smaller and away from her spinal cord.

The 9th floor seems more quiet and peaceful than PCU and Emery has a bright, cheerfully colored room. We put her on her tummy and helped her work on holding up her head and turning it from side to side. She didn't enjoy it too much and it wore her out! Dr. Thompson said he doesn't want her burning too many calories on developmental skills but that it's okay to have a couple of short sessions a day. We don't want her to fall behind because she's in the hospital!

Right now she is sleeping comfortably in her mother's arms, wearing a darling purple onesie that says "too cute." We all definitely agree with that!


Lauri said...

Oh Jane! My heart goes out to you and your family. Sounds like she is improving and thank god you can hold her without all those cords and wires.

God Bless Her!
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Gigi said...

Thanks, sweetie! Miss ya!

Betty said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you all.

Bubbe said...

I hope the MRI shows great results and Emery continues to improve.