Thursday, January 14, 2010

Emery Thursday Night Update

The oncologists visited this evening and said that Emery's eye is looking better. They called it Horner Syndrome and wanted to know if they could bring their students in to see her because it would be a good learning experience for them. Apparently, it is pretty rare but will go away with treatment for the underlying issues.

She's also off her IV now...more good news. She's had a bath and is wearing one of her own cute little nightgowns tonight.

The hospital is like a mini city of its own. There's a free laundry room on the 16th floor which we tried out tonight, well, mostly David's mom did the laundry, but I did go look at it and hand her a few things to throw in the washer. Rich will be shocked to hear that I did not take over the laundry since that is one of my addictions. He thinks I do laundry way too often at home. There's also a food court. Now maybe I am a hick but I have never heard of a food court at a medical center. But it's really nice to have something right here if you don't have time to go out. I have to admit that I have had Chik Fil A for lunch three days in a row. Bad habit. And I can keep my iced tea craving satisfied. Lest you think we are being completely unhealthy, we have lots of fruit and good stuff from Whole Foods stored in the fridge on the 7th floor.

Anyway, things are really good here; Emery looks great and seems like herself for the most part, other than an occasional fussy moment. We are all feeling very optimistic and upbeat about her progress.


Betty said...

Keep the good news coming - we all need it as well as you! Your mini-city sounds wonderful - a good way to help families, I think. I looked up Horner Syndrome on the Mayo Clinic site and it is as you explained. Take care of all of you.

Bubbe said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day and hope the good news just keeps on coming! I missed your laundry gene- Alan pretty much does it all around here! I think I pretty much missed all the genes that have anything to do with housework. :)Big hugs to all!