Thursday, January 14, 2010

Emery Thursday Update

Good news today--Emery's chest tube came out! We were so happy because it's been the main thing making her uncomfortable. She was a little fussy last night and seemed to be having trouble feeding, either because her tummy was upset or the night time resident doc said maybe she was developing sores in her mouth or throat from the chemo. Bonnie was up regularly all night but said that she got to sleep in between. We met with their official social worker, Aisha, and she filled us in on some more resources. There's not really a lot happening at this moment, just keeping watch on Emery and talking about various decisions that need to be made.

She's such a sweetie and we are still amazed at how well she has handled everything that's been done to her. We love our baby girl so much and everyone who walks in the door falls in love with her, too. :)

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