Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emery--Saturday Night Update

I talked with David mid afternoon and he said Emery was having a good day. Their college friends made it in and they were enjoying a visit with them. I went up to the hospital about 5 PM and the kids went out to dinner with their friends around 6. Emery had been fed but started crying right as they were heading out the door. I know Bonnie and David were worried about her but I told them to go on and she would be just fine. They would be a phone call away if they were needed. Emery calmed down in a few minutes and we had a very pleasant three hours together. She is just precious and I loved having that time to sit and hold her and rock her and talk to her. She mostly slept but had a little bit of a bottle and stayed awake for short periods of time. She looked around, listened, made little sounds and even smiled a couple of times for me. We haven't seen too many smiles lately so that was really exciting! One of our favorite nurses, Allison, was on duty tonight, along with a student named Alex. They were both very sweet to Emery and took good care of her. The other Gigi also stopped by to check on Emery--she'd been off for a couple of days and was assigned to someone else tonight but still had to see how Emery was doing. So nice! Gigi's a hoot--has all kinds of funny things to say and keeps us laughing when she's around.

I didn't see any doctors but I understand that Dr. Thompson said they will do an MRI on Tuesday, sort of a compromise between himself and Dr. Curry, the neurosurgeon. Dr. Thompson was willing to wait a little longer but Dr. Curry wants to see it sooner rather than later. Dr. Thompson also wants Emery to get a little more feeding time in. Otherwise, it sounds like everything is going well.

Bonnie and David got back just as we were getting ready to give Emery her bath. They had a great time with their friends and I know it was good for them to have a break, get to visit and laugh and put some of their worries aside for a little while. Gigi came back by to say hi and then went to get us all some iced tea from Chipotle's across the street (the food court is closed on the weekend! What a disappointment! I was looking forward to their tea all day!) We thought she was getting herself something but when she came back, she just had drinks for us. What a sweetheart--but we felt bad! David and Bonnie fixed her up a little "work kit" of snacks and goodies they had in their room. I left it with the front desk clerk, who called her up and said, "Your Gigi twin just left you something." They were also talking earlier about how cute David is. When he walked up, one of the clerks said, "OH, THAT'S the one you've been talking about?!" I think he has some girlfriends on the 7th floor. :) Everyone at the hospital has been super nice and helpful but we do have our favorites, I have to admit.

All in all, a very good day; baby just needs to eat a little more and everything will be great. I am hoping they all get a good night's sleep tonight. I'm going in at 9 AM tomorrow so Bonnie and David can go back to bed if they've been up a lot during the night, so will be able to post an update earlier...maybe....

Keep our sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers. She is a fighter and we continue to be "relentlessly positive."


Anonymous said...

I can almost see you there with Emery. Thinking about you daily - Sherri

Gigi said...

Thanks, Sherri!