Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wish I had a camera with me...

so you could see photos of my other sweet and adorable grandkids. We have been planning to buy a new camera and hadn't done it when I rushed off to Houston. :)

Karen and I had fun with Aidan last night. He is such a good little boy. He played with some cars and worked on rearranging all the furniture and decorations in a big doll house of Karen's mom's. We chatted about school and friends and his Alaska trip and all sorts of things and he drifted off to sleep. Karen and I always stay awake way too late when we are together, trying to solve all the world's problems. 8 AM felt a little bit early this morning! We met up with Susan and Ally and our friend Kelly and her daughter Audra for lunch--so great to see them and we were happy that Ally no longer seemed to have any tummy issues. She has been fine all day; unfortunately her Daddy apparently came down with the same thing, bless his heart.

It was a balmy 50-something in Abilene (yes, that seems downright warm to Unalaskans!) so Susan and I took the kids to the park to run and play for a while. Then out to their house in Clyde for a few hours of hanging out, and back to Abilene to meet up with our other friends Jim, Sherri and Diana, along with Karen, and out to dinner. Yes, we eat out way too much when we are traveling. I love seeing my good friends whenever I can and they are always such a great support through thick and thin.

The kids headed home since it's a school and work day tomorrow. I talked with Bonnie earlier and she said they are having a relaxing time and Emery is happy and smiling. Hurray! I noticed that Bonnie and/or David posted on their blog so you might want to go here to see more photos and read their thoughts. I know they are very touched by the outpouring of love and concern everyone has shown them and their precious baby.

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Kathi said...

Glad Ally is feeling better, but sorry to hear Corey's got it! Sounds like fun in Abilene- I'll check out Bonnie's blog- good to know Emery is having a happy week.